Pride Month 2022 in Pictures

As we head into July and Independence Day, looking back at Pride Month 2022 and its bounty of events, gatherings and parades, feels more important than ever. In light of the Supreme Court’s recent decisions and Clarence Thomas’ statements about reconsidering same sex marriage after overturning Roe v Wade, LGBTQIA+ rights are clearly more fragile than ever.

Celebrations, like those shown here, aren’t just about good times, they’re an essential reminder to never take our personal freedoms for granted, and to keep speaking out, keep mobilizing and amplifying, and vote, vote, vote!

Pictured: LA Pride in Hollywood, “Drag the Musical” at Bourbon Room, Queer Prom at the Globe Theater (benefiting Equality Fashion Week), Nyx mural and “Paint Your Own Story” party in West Hollywood and Gritty in Pink‘s Pride show/”All Grl Jam” at the Echo.

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