Prince Louis Could Join His Parents In This Christmas Tradition For First Time

Although he may be part of the royal family, Prince Louis acts like any other four-year-old boy. From having a difficult time sitting still at royal events to being the star at any affair thanks to his antics, the young prince acts in a typical child-like fashion.

However, as the young boy grows older, he may be ready to join Prince William and Kate Middleton in a royal family Christmas tradition this year.

This year, King Charles III is reinstating several Christmas traditions for the royal family. Due to COVID-19, the royal family has been unable to participate in many of their festive customs. However, Charles is hopeful that the family will be able to celebrate Christmas this year in Norfolk at Sandringham, as has been the tradition for generations.

As part of this custom, the royal family will most likely go on their typical outing to the local church. At St. Mary Magdalene Church, the family will greet people in the community. And this year, there may be an extra family member in attendance: Prince Louis!

With the return to some normalcy in the world, the Prince and Princess of Wales may be planning on taking Louis with them to the church. If so, this will be the first time the young prince will participate in this royal family tradition.

Prince Louis Follows In The Steps Of His Siblings

Although most of the royal children began attending the church service when they were a little older—Prince Harry was seven and William five when they first went—Louis may be ready to participate a bit earlier. In fact, Princess Charlotte made her Christmas debut at the church when she was also four years old.

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According to HELLO!‘s Royal Editor, Emily Nash, “Prince Louis is now the same age his sister Princess Charlotte was when she did her first Christmas Day walkabout after church on Christmas Day, so royal fans will be hoping to catch a glimpse of him with his siblings and parents this year after he nearly stole the show during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Who can forget the young prince at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations? From making the rounds and saying hello to his parents and grandfather to his mischievous facial expressions, Louis was the star of the celebration.

Will the young prince steal the show at St. Mary Magdalene Church? We won’t be surprised if he does! Hopefully we’ll all have the chance to see Louis make his Christmas debut this year.

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