Prince William Getting More Political As Throne Nears, Royal Expert Claims


Is Prince William getting political? One expert purports the second heir to the throne has grown increasingly less impartial as his coronation approaches. Let’s learn about what some royal experts are calling a controversial speech.

Silence Is Golden

For centuries, the monarchy was anything but apolitical. Kings and queens ruled to their hearts’ content, but things have shifted over time. Oliver Cromwell seized power away from the crown, albeit briefly, and things have never really been the same. King George III later ceded land in exchange for taxpayer money, and since then a precedent was set. The royal family lives in luxury on the taxpayer’s dime, but they keep their noses out of political affairs.

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No royal has exemplified this more than Queen Elizabeth. Her legacy will be defined by her tight-lipped approach to public policy. While Elizabeth certainly exerts influence in her private meetings with the prime minister, you never see her pick up any political cause. Look no further than her silence on Brexit for an example.

Prince William Finds His Voice

Royal correspondent for Newsweek Jack Royston doesn’t believe William is following his grandmother’s example. The ongoing Windrush scandal saw dozens of citizens wrongfully detained and deported by the UK home office, and precious few have received any financial compensation. William is giving speeches that are criticizing the government for its response. Royston says we’re seeing “a political side to him, where he is taking risks and he is nailing his colors to the mast on issues we would not have expected.”

Another royal expert thinks William is getting ready for the throne by speaking out more. “I think he feels he can as he is not King yet and presumably it will be a long time until he is, and the world could have changed completely again. I think he feels if he doesn’t speak out now then he never will.”

Is Prince William Really Getting Political?

There’s a pretty big difference between speaking out as a prince and as a king, but William speaking out at all is interesting. William didn’t bash the government directly, but a recent speech to honor Windrush day certainly didn’t hold back.

“Discriminations remains an all too familiar experience for Black men and women in Britain in 2022,” William said. Calling racism bad isn’t the bold stance these experts make it out to be, but it would still be far easier and in character for the royal family to turn a blind eye. Perhaps William will use his power to advance his political agenda. Only time will tell.

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