Princess Anne’s Son-In-Law Shares Cringey Story On Reality TV


Most people get nervous around their in-laws, but Mike Tindall definitely has it worse—his mother-in-law is Princess Anne. Tindall recently revealed that after sharing a personal story on a reality show, he plans to “hide away” at this year’s Christmas celebrations. 

Tindall’s Reality Show Appearance

Tindall is married to Zara Tindall, daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips and niece of King Charles III. The couple met during an event for England’s rugby team, which Tindall played for. They tied the knot in 2011. 

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Tindall recently appeared on popular UK reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! While chatting with his fellow contestants, Tindall shared an embarrassing story about Zara’s 30th birthday party, where he split his pants on the dance floor—in front of Princess Anne. 

His Embarrassing Dance With Mother-In-Law Princess Anne

“Zara had like a 30th birthday, it was a disco 70s-themed one,” he explained, according to the Mirror. “I was dancing on the dance floor, I had flares on, full outfit but it was quite tight, nothing ever fits—rugby player’s bum and legs—so I was dancing with my mother-in-law and I did a slut drop in front of my mother-in-law.”

“Ripped my trousers straight in front of her,” Tindall groaned. “It happened to be that my boxers that I had on at that time said, ‘nibble my nuts’. As I’ve turned round, she’s gone, ‘I’d rather not.’ I’ve gone, ‘I’m going,’ and walked off.”

Why Tindall Will ‘Bashfully Hide Away’ At The Family Christmas Party

Members of the royal family typically don’t share too much about their personal lives, and many viewers wondered how they reacted to Tindall’s candor. The former rugby player shared that he wasn’t sure if any of his in-laws watched the show. 

“I’m sure I’ll find out at some point,” Tindall laughed. “Christmas is around the corner. We will see if some interesting gifts come underneath that tree. I don’t know. There’s some sense of humor kicking around in the family. So yeah, I’ll wait for some interesting gifts and see how many people were watching.”

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Tindall was also asked if his mother-in-law watched his embarrassing confession. “No, I don’t think she was watching but I think Zara might have told her,” he said. “But I’m pretty sure it’s probably etched into her memory banks for all the wrong reasons. So yeah, I’ll probably bashfully hide away from that one.”

Tindall’s cringe-worthy confession might make for some awkward moments at any family gathering, but it sounds like the rest of the royals will laugh it off. 

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