Princess Beatrice Stunned At Movie Premiere She Attended For Good Cause

Princess Beatrice has always been one of the most stylish members of the royal family. The princess certainly dressed to impress at a recent movie premiere. As it turns out, she wasn’t there just to make a fashion statement.

Princess Beatrice Attends ‘Confetti’ Premiere

Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew, recently made a solo appearance at the premiere of the film Confetti. Beatrice looked stunning as usual in an extremely autumn-appropriate ensemble. She paired bold high-heel boots with a long black dress. The dress had a low neckline with an elegant accent piece around the neck. Finally, she topped off the look with a stylish gray coat. She paired the expertly layered outfit with loose, wavy hair and a subtle makeup look (For pics, click here).

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While it’s certainly a royal look worthy of appreciation, Beatrice attended the event for a very meaningful reason. The film follows a Chinese family that tries to find the best path for their daughter after she’s diagnosed with dyslexia. The movie was created with the intention of unpacking many harmful myths about the learning disability.

Princess Beatrice Has Been Outspoken About Her Own Dyslexia

Princess Beatrice has a deeply personal connection to the film, as she was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. “Honestly, what inspired me to talk about dyslexia the way that I have, is because I really want to change the narrative around the diagnosis,” Beatrice said in an interview with Hello! last year. “Even referring to it as a diagnosis I feel does a disservice to the brilliance of some of the most fantastic minds that we have. And I think just shifting the narrative a little bit towards something that is positive, that is impactful, I think can really help everyone.”

Beatrice has insisted that while dyslexia presents certain challenges for those affected, it also offers so many advantages that aren’t talked about. “It definitely has allowed me to look at things in a new way and come up with solutions,” Beatrice said of the condition. “I always describe it like being able to think in a circle. Yes, my spelling is appalling, and I wish that I could do something about that. But luckily, spellcheck has sorted that out for me.”

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She’s also referred to dyslexia as a “gift” and considers any child who is born with it as lucky—as long as they’re given the proper tools to succeed. “If any child, any bonus son, or future babies that are on their way, are lucky enough to be diagnosed with dyslexia, I feel incredibly grateful to have tools such as the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity to be able to tap into, to give them that extra support,” the princess noted. Thankfully, children and adults alike who have grappled with dyslexia have inspiring advocates like Princess Beatrice in their corner!

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