Princess Diana’s Bodyguard Opens Up About How She Would Have Eased The Supposed Feud Between Her Sons

Ken Wharfe, former bodyguard to Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry, is opening up about how he believes the late Princess of Wales would have helped mend the rift between her two sons. Wharfe served the royal family for 16 years and was specifically assigned to the princess from 1988 to 1993. With his intimate, personal knowledge of Diana, Wharfe has now published three books about their time together.

Princess Diana May Have Mended Family Rift

Wharfe has distinguished himself in the realm of royal commentary with his intimate knowledge of Princess Diana’s past. But writing for Hello!, Wharfe turns his critical gaze to the present day, giving his perspective on how Diana would have dealt with the growing rift between her sons.

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“Her desire was to make things better for people who needed help,” Wharfe writes. “As for the rift between William and Harry; when two siblings fight there’s usually a close relative to give advice and Diana would have taken on that role. She would have understood the problems that have been raised and helped her boys solve them, while giving Harry the advice he seems to lack right now.”

But Wharfe insists there would have been plenty of bright spots as well. “There’s no doubt she would have enjoyed the relationships they have with their wives and loved spending time with her five grandchildren.”

Understanding Prince Harry

To celebrate Diana’s memory ahead of the 25th anniversary of her tragic passing, Wharfe teamed up with journalist Ros Howard to release a new book, Diana: Remembering the Princess. In the book, Wharfe sympathizes with Prince Harry, insisting that it’s easy to see how his actions are drawing from his mother’s experiences within The Firm.

“I think his wish to speak publicly is deeper. It is the way Diana and Meghan have been dealt with by members of the Royal Family, the lack of support his wife received, in the same way as Diana was never given approval or support for what she did,” the security specialist wrote in his latest opus.

“With both women, he will be aware of how quickly things turned back to normal after marriage, and suddenly both were holed up in the Royal Estate with an expectation that they would simply follow rules rather than forge their own path.”

Remembering Princess Diana

In this same vein, Wharfe tells Hello! of the indelible impression Diana left on everyone who met her.

“There was no one quite like Diana. She is without doubt the most charismatic person I’ve ever met within the royal family. Throughout my time with her, I witnessed the good she did, the challenges she faced, her compassion and generosity,” writes Wharfe.

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“This personal touch was unlike anything I’d experienced during my 16 years of service to the royal family, but it was the way Diana worked and, for the first time in my life, I learnt how important it is to listen.”

If Wharfe’s words ring true, it just might be the memory of their mother on this bittersweet occasion that brings the brothers back together. No matter how strained their relationship may be, it’s clear they will always be bonded by the shared memory of their mother, the great Princess Diana.

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