Princess Martha Louise Of Norway Stepping Down Is Not All That Surprising


A few royalists claimed to have their finger on the pulse of Megxit, insisting that they saw the announcement coming for months. Yet, wary of the Sussexes or not, most royal watchers were undeniably shocked by the couple’s decision. However, when Princess Martha Louise of Norway announced she’d be relinquishing her royal duties, there was far less confusion. Here’s why those who have kept their eye on the Norwegian royal family weren’t all that surprised by the princess’ announcement.

Both Professional And Personal Reasons

On Tuesday, the Royal Court of Norway officially announced that Princess Martha Louise is “withdrawing from her official duties for the Royal House of Norway.” According to the royals’ statement, the goal of this change is to “differentiate more clearly between her own activities and her relationship to the Royal House of Norway.” Martha will no longer be using her royal title on social media (with the exception of Instagram) or in any public manner relating to her commercial interests.

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So, how did we get here? For a while now, Princess Martha has been carving out a reputation in the Norwegian public for reasons unrelated to her royal status. In 2002, Martha’s father, King Harald announced that, due to her business pursuits, she’d be relieved of her rights and duties as Her Royal Highness. However, things have only gotten stranger since then.

The princess helped run an alternative therapy center from 2007 to 2018, befriended a self-proclaimed medium, and has spoken at length about being able to communicate with angels. However, the global media has been especially interested in her engagement to American spiritual adviser Durek Verrett.

Since announcing their relationship in 2019, Verrett has been an undeniable source of controversy within the Norwegian royal family. Per BBC’s website, Durek has made a career spiritually advising American celebrities and has a controversial history of promoting conspiracy theories. Due to his unconventional lifestyle, royal observers have questioned the U.S. citizen’s motivations for years now.

Durek Verrett Has The Royal Family’s Blessing

Despite the wave of doubt from the public, the Norwegian royal family has supported Martha and Verrett’s decision to wed. Yet, it’s undeniable that their engagement likely pushed the family to make this announcement. As Verrett and Martha prepare to join their families, it seems like the Royal House is trying to provide a clear distinction between itself and the professional work of both Martha and Verrett.

“This is intended to draw a dividing line that more clearly separates commercial activity from the Royal House of Norway. The objective is both to prevent misunderstandings regarding the Royal House and to allow the Princess and Durek Verrett greater freedom in their business activities and other parts of their lives,” Tuesday’s statement read.

So, if you’ve been following the Norwegian Royal Family, you’d know that this announcement was a long time coming, and it’s probably for the best. This was not a dramatic, bridge-burning decision. On the contrary, it seems like the family came to this conclusion in order to preserve their relationships rather than strain them. Although, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on how this decision shapes Princess Martha’s public image.

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