Program Designed To Activate The Creative Power Center, REVIVE: A Sacred Womb Invitation, Begins January 11th

Jillian Phyllis, a certified Law of Attraction and Manifestation coach who specializes in working with women to provide guidance and support in clearing old energies and self-limiting beliefs through a variety of spiritual modalities, is pleased to announce the launch of REVIVE: A Sacred Womb Invitation. The women’s workshop is set to begin remotely on January 11, 2023, and will be ongoing for six weeks.

The power of the Womb has been revered for thousands of years. The Womb Chakra is believed by many to be the center of power and creativity; however, unresolved trauma wounding can cause many blocks in our lives. Through REVIVE: A Sacred Womb Invitation, Jillian will use several techniques that aim to help women release energies tied to ancestral traumas and balance the divine masculine and feminine within. She explains that many people don’t recognize that being wildly abundant is our birthright, and when they move in a way that listens most to their internal wisdom and intuition, they’ll find that they love everything that they do.

“As women, our wombs are infinite cups filled with lifetimes, traumas, magic, wisdom, and powers,” explains Jillian. “We will go through a re-awakening of this beautiful feminine energy center and work with it to give us wisdom, connect to our inner knowing, and move our life into more alignment, love, and purpose.”

Jillian, who is also a Tantric practitioner and Reiki Master, has been offering women one-on-one healing support in 90-day containers. She believes Womb healing work is the most powerful way for women to connect with their soul’s true purpose and ultimately live a life full of passion and happiness. She has enjoyed working with nearly 1,000 clients and has found that most of them are entirely aligned once the sessions have ended.

“It is not that we are necessarily trying to remove old jobs or current boyfriends from the picture, instead we are focusing on aligning with their highest selves,” says Jillian. “We are actively unlearning societal views and limiting beliefs that they have learned while also working to elevate their self-worth and self-confidence to take the steps to get there.”

Jillian believes that true success is living in an activated state while empowering others to do the same. “Wealth and energy are limitless, and the world is better when we are all living in our highest version of self and open to receiving the many beautiful gifts of the Universe,” says Jillian.

Jillian Phyllis is a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction and Manifestation coach, womb healer, Tantra teacher, Akashic Records consultant, breathwork coach, flower healer, and Reiki Master. For many years she used her gifts to support startup tech companies by making them millions and millions of dollars. When she began lacking passion in her career, and marriage, she threw herself into healing her own life and began manifesting, amongst many other types of energy work. She found that there were many energetic blocks that we, as women, carry that limit us to calling in these desires even when seemingly “doing everything right” and found the missing piece to many women’s lives is womb work. Now, she works to support women through group programs and 1:1 support in clearing energies and limiting beliefs so that they can align with their highest selves and move with confidence into their dreams.

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