Putting a Cap on a Fruitful Short Week


Options Review: 

We went bearish on the pair of options ideas that we highlighted for yesterday morning’s premarket report, and they posted some pretty nice intraday moves, considering the markets as a whole went on an impressive daily run.

Our areas of interest were the HELE 07/15 $160-150 Puts, and the SLP Weekly $55-50 Puts. Both ranges of contracts yielded two separate chances to pocket multibag proceeds on the day, with the SLP $50 Puts stealing the show on the strength of a massive four-bagger. Those potential gains were as follows:

HELE 07/15 $160-150 Puts
7.80-10.30 (+32%)
$155: 2.55-6.40 (+151%)
$150: 1.54-3.25 (+111%)

SLP Weekly $55-50 Puts 
$55: 1.60-4.00 (+150%)
$50: .15-.88 (+487%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
LEVI Weekly $17 Calls*
WDFC 07/15 $190-185 Calls

*Trading options on their day of expiration can carry a heightened level of risk and should only be attempted by seasoned traders.

United Maritime Corp. USEA – NASDAQ Recap: 

Our daily extended watchlists are typically a mix of the stocks from both the upper and lower exchanges, and while we usually don’t see the type of quick gains USEA posted yesterday from a NASDAQ stock, it did post a solid daily run and is gapping up in premarket trading this morning. The stock traded for as little as 6.16 a share following yesterday’s alert, and this morning it has reached as high as 10.12 in early trading, which represents an overnight increase of 64%

Extended Watchlist: 

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