Reese Witherspoon’s Eyes Look Exactly Like Her Mother’s, And It’s Crazy

Many have remarked on the stunning resemblance between Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillipe, but a new post from the actress has some drawing a connection between her and a different member of the family: her mother. 

The Physical Trait Witherspoon Shares With Her Mother

“Last days of summer,” Witherspoon captioned a series of photos that showed how she’s been spending her time before autumn hits. From painting to boating to dinners with family, it looks like the actress has been enjoying her time off. 

A few of the pictures showed Witherspoon’s mom, Betty, and fans were stunned by how much the two resemble each other. One of the physical traits that the two share is their distinctive blue eyes—both the color and shape of which are nearly indistinguishable from mother to daughter.

Fan Reactions: ‘Nice To Know You Have Good Genes!’

Witherspoon’s followers shared their thoughts on the family resemblance in the comments. “The genetics in this family are STRONG,” one wrote. Another commented, “Your mom looks amazing just like you.”

“Your Mum is beautiful- nice to know you have good genes!” someone laughed. Another follower wrote, “Hello Mama Witherspoon! You raised a lovely (face and soul) daughter. Best wishes!”

Witherspoon’s Relationship With Her Mom: ‘I Feel So Lucky To Have Her’

Witherspoon and her mother Betty are very close and the actress often posts pictures and videos of the two spending time together. She has also spoken about how much of an inspiration her mother has been to her.

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“My mother worked night shifts, she worked weekends, so I had to kinda take care of myself. My brother and I would make dinner and everything. She was so tired, but she just loved her patients,” Witherspoon said of her mom’s career as a nurse. “And that’s how I feel whenever I see a nurse, because I think to dedicate your life to caring for people is one of the most noble professions that exists.”

In an Instagram post celebrating Betty’s birthday, Witherspoon wrote, “I feel so lucky to have her Joy, Happiness and Wisdom in my life. She always told me to dream BIG, laugh EVERYDAY, be Creative whenever you can, enjoy every flower you see and be of service to OTHERS in this life.”

“She has wiped my tears and cheered every success,” she continued. “Even though I will never be able to tell her how much I love her, I try my best everyday. I love you, Mom.” Witherspoon and her mother share a lot of similarities, from their faces to their enviable work ethics. It’s great to see the actress celebrate her mother, and we won’t complain if we get more pictures of the two in the future!

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