Reese Witherspoon’s Sneaky Red Carpet Hair Trick

Reese Witherspoon has spent a lot of time on red carpets over the years, and one thing she has kept constant is her endearing and timelessly chic way of styling her hair. There are a few ways she manages this flattering trick, but you can spot it at almost every red carpet. We’re onto your little beauty secret, Reese!

Reese Witherspoon’s Best Style Secret Hides In Plain Sight

One of our favorite celebrities to watch on the red carpet is Reese Witherspoon. Her looks are always flawlessly put together, which leaves the Legally Blonde actress looking stunning every time. We were looking through some of Witherspoon’s past red carpet ensembles and noticed something about the way she often styles her hair. 

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While it may come across as an unintentional accident, it’s actually a sneaky way to improve your looks, highlight your best features, and show off your earrings all at the same time. How does Witherspoon achieve this? By exposing at least the bottom two thirds of her ears at every red carpet. You may think we’re insane or making this up, but we swear this is a foolproof way to instantly heighten your attractiveness. 

The Classic Ear Tuck

Reese Witherspoon smiles in all-black dress with black stockings
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Whether it’s an updo or a full tuck behind the ears, we’re onto Reese Witherspoon’s secret hair habit. Updos, of course, are a great way to make your neck look longer and show off your shoulders if that’s an area of pride for you. In this photo, Witherspoon goes for the full tuck, but just behind her left ear. She leaves the rest of her long bob (or lob, as they call it) framing her face. The effect elongates her neck and gives the camera a perfect shot of her über stylish white hoop earrings.

Accessories Sold Separately

Closeup of Reese Witherspoon wearing thin back headband and black and white dress

Accessories, like this thin black headband, also do the trick when push comes to shove. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a headband specifically, though we love how this one helps Witherspoon create some extra volume in her hair. Decorative pins have recently become a popular hair accessory on the red carpet thanks to their versatility and beauty. With a gorgeous face like Witherspoon’s, a simple headband  can look like a gilded tiara. 

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Elongate That Neck, Show Off Those Baubles

Closeup of Reese Witherspoon against black background in black top. She is wearing dangle earrings and deep red lipstick

Even when Witherspoon wears her hair loose, she has a way of styling it just so in order to show off her luscious earlobes, and it’s always her left side that she highlights. We guess we know which side is her good side!

Reese Witherspoon smirks while wearing red-orange babydoll top and gold dangle earrings
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Witherspoon doesn’t often darken her hair, but when she does she still keeps to those same hair habits. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken! We’re honestly so charmed by this subtle little habit; we hope she never changes.

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