Regan Hillyer, The World’s #1 Manifestation Teacher, Shares 3 Simple Steps For Following Inner Guidance


Hillyer’s Energetic Architecture Method™ is dramatically changing the lives of her clients. As a millionaire-maker, many of her clients have become millionaires as a result of her coaching. One of her superpowers is fast-tracking the growth and transformation process for clients – they get miraculous results fast!

Who doesn’t love a success story — finding out about someone who is making a positive difference and transforming lives? Just say the words, “#1 female manifestation teacher,” and the face and name of Regan Hillyer should come to mind. I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with her, and she was gracious about answering my many questions.

When it comes to Hillyer, where does one start? She’s a serial entrepreneur, energetic coach, global speaker, and philanthropist. Woven into the layers of those roles, she has shared an abundance of her mind-changing content in the books she has authored, her podcast, and YouTube videos.

Hillyer is well known for her Energetic Architecture Method, which is the #1 method for training others to manifest the lives of their dreams on every level, free from limiting beliefs. When questioned about it, she says, “I’ve invested over $1 million in personal development and training. This method is an accumulation of everything I’ve learned and experienced personally in the past 15 years.” Among many other programs, mentors, and philosophies she has studied, her method includes the most effective elements from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and energy work. As Hillyer did the work and applied what she learned from the training in which she invested, her life began changing visibly. People started asking her how she did it, and as she shared what worked for her, their lives were transformed positively as well. In the beginning, she was offering her services for free. As word spread and more people approached her, she began charging, and this was how she launched her coaching business.

One of Hillyer’s gifts is her ability to take in a body of knowledge and experience, then organize and simplify it. Requiring far less time, with her improvements, she makes it possible to use it effectively and efficiently. What would typically take years to glean from therapy and courses, Hillyer has successfully been able to trim down and deliver in activation sessions of an hour or less. When asked what sets her method apart from others, without a second’s hesitation, she responds, “The biggest thing is just how quickly people get results using my method!” In our order-with-a-click culture, the promise of “fast” captures people’s attention.

When asked about the true essence of NLP, Hillyer explains in her own words: “There’s a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. Most people don’t know that the unconscious system is driving their reality. It does many behind-the-scenes things for us, like pumping and circulating blood throughout our body. We don’t have to give it a thought. If we are healthy, the unconscious takes care of it for us.” When we drive home from work in a trance-like state and afterward can’t remember the details of the trip home, that is largely because the unconscious system was in charge. 

“My method works deeply through the unconscious mind and also through a person’s energetic field to bring their unconscious mind and energy into alignment,” says Hillyer. “This brings their whole system into greater cohesion, syncing them to be an energetic match for the goals they want to call into their lives and manifest. It happens faster, as they are resonating and vibing with words that create a reflection outside of what they are focusing on inside.” She has a lot to say about using our subconscious as a powerful tool. It’s our choice: “We can be controlled by it, or we can program it.” 

Hillyer describes a person’s natural state as expansion, happiness, abundance, peace, and love. The energy work she employs involves using the mind to alter the energetic field to bring it back into harmony.

As she begins working with clients, Hillyer helps them get clarity on where they are currently and what their life is like in all categories. Then, she helps them get clear on their dreams, visions, intentions, and desires, making sure those are complete with measurable specifics, including a timestamp for manifestation. Beyond this, she facilitates an exploration process to discover what has been blocking them, holding them back. Hillyer helps them unearth limiting beliefs so they can be shifted and recalibrated, helping people realign with their natural state. Firmly believing every person’s true essence is abundance, she and her team make it their mission to support clients in manifesting abundance in all areas of their lives.

Regan Hillyer International offers several levels of coaching programs, but for her VIP One-To-One Coaching program, she only accepts five clients a year. For 12 months, these five individuals can have daily access to her and her team. She works very closely with them, sharing her programs, content, and every new practice and philosophy she is currently incorporating into her business and personal life. Together they take deep dives into all areas of the client’s life. According to Hillyer, “This program is designed for individuals who have reached high levels of success but know they have more to give, desiring guidance to help them fulfill their highest potential.” The annual cost of a One-To-One package is $1 million, which speaks of Hillyer’s emphasis on quality. She has designed several other excellent coaching packages and programs to fit all client needs and budgets, including online audios priced at $20 and hundreds of hours of free content on her social media. 

Early on, Hillyer realized the limitations of her own time and energy. In order to be of service to more people, she trained a team of coaches who were required to complete her extensive training.  

Of all my questions, I wanted to know how people can develop the ability and confidence to get clear on goals, hearing and following their own inner guidance. Hillyer experienced a transformational moment when she was a university student majoring in architecture. While sitting in class, she tapped into an inner knowing, realizing she wasn’t aligned with the career path of a long-term architect. She felt confident she was destined for something different, a higher calling. I wanted to know how we can get better at hearing this inner voice. Hillyer recommends a 3-pronged approach: 


When it comes to listening, we lead such busy lives that we don’t create the space to be available to tune in to the guidance available to us all the time. “We have our guides and so many beautiful signs and messages from the universe constantly,” says Hillyer. “But, are we listening? Sit down in the morning, close your eyes, and do nothing but listen for 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Then, do it again the next day and the next, developing a muscle around this practice.”


For the next layer, how many of us receive guidance but fail to trust it, doubting our intuition? Hillyer recommends, “Take note of the signs and messages, and trust you are hearing correctly!”

Take Action

The final step is where many of us fall short – taking action on the guidance we receive. “Many people are hearing and trusting, but stop there – they fail to act on it,” says Hillyer. “So many times, I have gotten an amazing business idea. I trusted it but did nothing with it. The next thing I knew, someone got the same idea and followed through on it, and it’s not mine anymore. I didn’t act upon it; that idea now belongs to someone else.”

There is so much more to learn about Regan Hillyer and her services. If you would like to know more, trust that voice, and act on it! Her books are available on Amazon, and she’s active on every social media platform, including Instagram. To learn more about her coaching programs and her #1 manifestation method, visit Regan Hillyer International.

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