Rocket Now: The Metaverse Marketing Minds of Web3 and Tomorrow


The business world has greatly changed in recent years. With online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, marketing has improved, and it is easier and cheaper to promote your product online. New technologies such as Web3 and blockchain are also helping businesses offer a more engaging experience to their customers, more so now that most companies have shifted their operations online, which is where Rocket Now steps in.

Rocket Now is a full-service blockchain digital marketing agency started by three friends with the goal of redefining digital marketing for online businesses. The company is changing online marketing and helping business owners get their message out to their audience in more innovative, clear, and reliable ways.

The team’s combined experience, diversity, and unique approach give Rocket Now an upper hand in the brutally competitive industry. Before joining his friend to start Rocket Now, Asmat Ullah, the co-founder, CSO, and director of NFT search, worked in the marketing and tech field. Asmat has worked with various Fortune 500 companies and is highly knowledgeable about NFTs.

Josh James, the founder, and CEO, also has an extensive experience in blockchain, Web3, and digital marketing. Josh has been in the space for over 12 years and has built multiple successful ventures.

According to Josh, his experience running his own businesses motivated him to start Rocket Now. He wanted to create a marketing agency that would not only drive more revenue to the company but would also enhance growth through online community building. Unfortunately, none of the traditional strategies ticked these boxes.

Josh James shared the idea with his friends, Asmat Ullah and Hochang Kwon (OJ). Together, they developed a more defined approach, changing digital marketing and helping businesses increase their engagement and sales.

Rocket Now offers Metaverse marketing and NFT GameFi services in category design, community growth hacking, digital ads and acquisitions, and raising capital, to name a few. They are integrating category design and blockchain monetization into every aspect of their marketing strategy, helping their clients attract the right attention and build long-term relationships with customers.

“Our focus is on working directly with the marketing department and other marketing specialists as we believe this is where change begins. We operate with them as “partners”, not as clients, and by understanding the business and the target audience, we are able to achieve real tangible results, with high ROI”, says Josh James, CEO, and founder of Rocket Now.

Their approach and deep understanding of blockchain enable Rocket Now to run real marketing campaigns and get tangible results. Their work in the digital space has not gone unnoticed. Rocket Now is among the top advertising and marketing agency with the best marketing style design in the world.

As the business world evolves and traditional marketing no longer moves  enough people, Rocket Now has developed a strategy to help brands stay ahead of the game. Josh James and his team are leveraging blockchain to revolutionize everything from customer acquisition to loyalty programs, assisting fellow marketers in building a strong foundation. Josh says their goal in the coming years is to build a more powerful brand as they facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3.


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