Root Clipping Is Easy, Heatless, And Delivers Serious Volume


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If you want to add volume to your hair (I mean, who doesn’t!?) there’s a simple and unexpected technique that’s making the viral rounds. It doesn’t involve hairspray (like the one vetted by Julia Roberts), and it’s not a shampooing technique, nor a no-poo product.

It’s called root clipping, and it’s a heatless hair trend that thankfully also does not involve cutting your hair. It’s probably already taking over your scroll, and it might be what you need to get that extra boost, especially if you have curly or wavy hair. 

What Is Root Clipping?

Root clipping involves placing hair clips, either metal or plastic, at the base of your scalp just after washing on. Simply add the clips to damp strands and let the hair dry.

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For best results, social media devotees advise using metal clips on fine hair, and plastic ones on thicker hair. Metal clips have a gentler grip, whereas the plastic versions are stronger and can hold thicker and more textured hair. Use a volumizing spray on the roots before attaching each clip close to the scalp.

To achieve max volume, avoid heavy creams or other hair products near the roots—they can weigh the hair down. Let the hair air dry in the clips, or if you’re pressed for time, use a hair dryer on the “cool” setting to speed the process along.

Should You Try Root Clipping?

This technique is best for curly and wavy hair, but it’s worth a shot for those with straight hair. It may not give mega-volume for those with straight hair—you might need a blowout for that. But it will likely have some effect, plus it’s basically free minus the cost of clips.

When removing the clips, be super gentle. Yanking on them could cause breakage or frizz. Also note that the more clips you use, the more volume you will likely achieve.

Avoid root clipping if you have an irritated or inflamed scalp. The clips could pull on and irritate the scalp. Otherwise, root clipping is fair game for most. We’re up for any hair trend that gives our hair a break from heat damage and adds volume.

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