Royal Biographer Tells How Prince Harry Is Most Like Princess Diana


Prince Harry continues the legacy of his mother Princess Diana. The Duke of Sussex has taken after his mother in many ways through his humanitarian work and a fractured relationship with the press. One royal author has spotted a critical similarity between mother and son. Let’s find out what it is.

Just Like His Mother

Andrew Morton, the author of biographies on Diana, Meghan Markle, and Prince William, recently spoke to the Mirror about how Harry is continuing his mother’s legacy. He says Harry is “cursed with charisma but hates being a prince.” He believes Harry and Markle could have found a different solution than leaving the royal family altogether, but they’ve made their choice.

Harry and Diana are alike in one specific way, Morton argues their breezy public appearances. “Prince Harry was and is a natural, he and his wife have got charisma and there is no denying that…People do respond to them in a very positive way when they meet him.” In spite of Harry’s negative press, he seldom slips up during public appearances.

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He takes after his mother that way. “When I see Harry kneeling down with his arm around some kid, I am just watching Diana. It transports you back 25, 30 years,” Morton concludes.

Prince Harry May Agree

Whenever a royal expert chimes in on Harry, most of the time it’s total bunk designed to ruin his reputation. This story is quite a bit different, however. Morton astutely points out Harry is an absolute pro with how he deals with children and public appearances. Even as thousands of outlets wait with bated breath for him to slip up, you never see him shun a kid or anything. He does take after this mother this way.

During the Invictus Games, Harry granted a rare interview with Hoda Kotb. She asked him about Diana, and Harry said he’s never felt closer to her: “I feel her presence in almost everything I do now. But definitely more so in the last two years than ever before, no question. She’s watching over us. I’m sure she’s proud of us.” There’s no denying the powerful effect Diana still has on her son.

Tributes Have Not Stopped

Besides leading a philanthropic life, mother’s day tributes, and the statue unveiling, we know Harry often has his mother on his mind. Her death was a huge motivating factor for him and Markle to leave the royal family in the first palace. Whether it’s in public appearances or elsewhere, you can see a lot of her in him.

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