Royal Gossip Claims Meghan Markle Supposedly Controlling Harry’s ‘Every Word And Move’

Is Prince Harry completely under Meghan Markle‘s control? One tabloid claims the duke has totally lost his since of identity. Let’s take a closer look at the shocking claims.

Harry Has Become Meghan Markle’s ‘Puppet’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Meghan Markle has taken complete control of Prince Harry. According to the article, the duke’s recent criticism of America’s political system was carefully orchestrated by his wife, and he no longer has the freedom to say and do as he pleases.

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“He’s being destroyed in front of our eyes,” one source charges. “Driven by her thirst for money and power, she clearly pulls his strings and calls the shots. We’re told it’s all part of her secret agenda to get herself elected to Washington—and even into the White House! There appears no end to her blind ambition!”

Sources insist Harry has no mind of his own anymore, and Markle is behind every word he says to the public. “Harry’s like a ventriloquist dummy spewing ‘woke’ talking points dictated by his wife,” the tipster spills. “The royals are horrified Harry involved himself in U.S. policy and court decisions. They really wish he’d just shut up! Harry’s attacking Supreme Court decisions could even jeopardize relations between the two countries!”

Has Harry Become A ‘Ventriloquist Dummy’?

According to the tabloid’s narrative, Meghan Markle is a conniving witch that has somehow forced Prince Harry under her spell. That, of course, is a hard thing to prove, and the magazine didn’t even try to do so. It’s something straight out of a storybook. But that’s no surprise; these are the same publications that publish stories about alien babies and spew conspiracy theories about Elvis still being alive. It’s no sweat off of the publication’s metaphorical back to print a simple story about the Duchess of Sussex being a controlling wife.

But let’s bring things back down to reality. There are some simple facts that the logical reader will know but might temporarily forget when addressed by such brazen, bewildering claims. Prince Harry is a grown man. He is entitled to have opinions, and since he is no longer a working royal, he’s entitled to share those opinions at will.

There is not, and never has been, any evidence to suggest he is being “controlled” by his wife. His behavior has mostly been consistent with the same strong-willed personality he’s displayed since teenagehood, and the magazine’s story about him being a “puppet” is nothing more than a work of fiction.

The Tabloid On Prince Harry

We’d expect nothing less from the Globe. Just last month we busted the outlet for reporting Harry demanded the queen to apologize. Then the magazine claimed Harry was renouncing his royal title just to spite his grandmother. And this is the same rag that once claimed a leaked DNA test proved Prince Charles wasn’t really Harry’s birth father. We wouldn’t trust the Globe to tell us the color of the sky, so we’re definitely not buying this story about Meghan Markle’s grand evil scheme.

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