Royal Gossip Claims Prince William Supposedly Battling Kate Middleton Over George’s Boarding School


Are Kate Middleton and Prince William fighting over Prince George‘s education? According to one tabloid, the couple is at odds over sending him to boarding school. Let’s take a closer look at the report.

William And Kate In ‘Royal Showdown’?

This week, In Touch reports Kate Middleton and Prince William are in a disagreement about whether or not they’ll send Prince George off to boarding school. Boarding school is a royal tradition, and George is now well past the age William was when he was sent off. But sources say there’s another option on the horizon, and Middleton doesn’t think boarding will be necessary. Apparently, the duke and duchess have been paying visits to Lambrook School, a hybrid boarding and commuting school.

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“They’re moving to Windsor soon, and it looks like they’re planning to send all three of their kids there, starting in September,” an insider spills. “While Kate wants George to commute to school every day, William wants him to board there… But Kate can’t imagine shipping George off. He’s only 9!”

Sources spill that William has been looking into the boarding options at Lambrook behind Middleton’s back. When she found out about her husband’s scheme, it apparently turned into a full-blown fight. “Now they’re at war over what to do,” the tipster confesses. “They’ve been arguing about this for months, and things are only going to get more heated as the start date for school approaches.”

Prince William And Kate Middleton ‘At War’?

Let’s dive into this dubious story. First of all, it has been speculated that the Cambridge children are destined for Lambrook School. People have claimed they’ve seen William and Middleton on school grounds, and given its proximity to the palace and its co-ed curriculum, it seems like a totally possible option for the royal couple.

But that’s where the reasonable speculation ends and the blatant lying begins. If Middleton and William really were at odds over whether or not to board their children, we wouldn’t know a thing about it. The couple is private on the most mundane of matters, so sensitive subjects like their children’s living arrangements surely aren’t going to be leaked to random tabloids.

We have no reason to believe the couple is “at war” over this matter. Especially considering George’s age—one year older than William was when he went off to boarding school—we have to assume that this isn’t the first time William and Middleton have talked about that facet of George’s education. If William was truly determined for George to follow in his footsteps and attend boarding school, he probably would have already been pushing for this.

The Tabloid On Prince William And Kate Middleton

Besides, we have a hard time trusting In Touch anywhere the Cambridges are concerned. Back in February, the outlet reported Middleton had a “showdown” with her former friend Rose Hanbury over her rumored affair with William. Then the magazine claimed Middleton banned Meghan Markle from attending Prince Philip’s funeral. And most recently, the publication alleged Middleton banned Markle from sitting with the royal family at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Clearly, In Touch doesn’t have the inside scoop on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


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