Royal Gossip Say Queen Elizabeth Supposedly Forced Prince William And Kate Middleton To Go On A Budget


Is Queen Elizabeth urging Prince William and Kate Middleton to cut back on their spending? According to one report, the monarch is putting the Cambridges on a budget. Here’s what we know about the couple’s allegedly penny-pinching.

Queen ‘Tightening The Palace Purse Strings’?

This week, Life & Style reports Queen Elizabeth wants Kate Middleton and Prince William to cut back on their excessive spending habits. The annual Sovereign Grant report recently revealed that the couple’s expenditure reached an all-time high last year. According to the report, the Firm’s expenses increased by 17 percent, and it was mostly due to the Cambridges’ costly travel expenses. And after seeing the price tag on the couple’s recent tour Caribbean tour, the queen apparently ordered an intervention.

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“The queen summoned William and Kate to Windsor Castle for an urgent meeting,” an insider reveals. “She demanded they curb their spending and even asked one of the secretaries to put together a budget spreadsheet, which the queen’s instructed they stick to.” And as the couple prepares to move into Windsor Castle, Her Majesty is apparently capping their moving expenses. “The queen has banned them from hiring an expensive interior designer,” the tipster muses. “She wants to teach them a lesson—that money doesn’t grow on trees!”

Queen Elizabeth Puts Cambridges ‘On A Budget’?

It’s always amusing when tabloids grossly underestimate the complexity of royal lives. It’s almost funny to picture the queen sitting the Cambridges down, handing them a piece of paper entitled “Family Budget,” and teaching them how to balance a checkbook. Of course, this didn’t happen, and the magazine is kidding itself if it truly buys this dubious insider’s testimony.

We aren’t disputing that William and Middleton’s spending last year probably raised some red flags. The couple’s Caribbean tour was almost universally seen as a disaster that cost British taxpayers millions. The couple may have even been reprimanded and instructed not to repeat their mistakes—that isn’t a radical claim to make.

But the Cambridges are essentially employees of the Crown. Surely, they have people that handle their finances and travel plans rather than somehow relying on the queen herself. And we’re certain that any budget adjustments would need to be run through multiple people, not just the Cambridges themselves.

Finally, even if this did require a personal sit-down between Middleton, William, and the royal matriarch, we’re certain the details of such a meeting would be kept private. There wouldn’t be any talk of it in the tabloids, and Life & Style surely wouldn’t be the one to break the news.

More Cambridge Rumors From The Rag

It’s Life & Style‘s past reporting on the royal couple that really sealed the deal here. The magazine has never been capable of providing accurate insight into the duke and duchess’s lives. Last year, the outlet claimed Middleton was battling Camila Parker Bowles for the crown as the queen’s health faltered. Then the tabloid alleged Middleton was secretly pregnant with twins. And more recently, the publication reported Middleton and William were fighting over how to raise Prince George. So, no, we aren’t buying anything Life & Style is selling when it comes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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