Royal Gossip Says Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles Supposedly Spent ‘Small Fortune’ On Cosmetic Work Before Jubilee


Did Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles get plastic surgery? One report says the royals got some touch-ups on their face ahead of the Platinum Jubilee. Here’s what we know.

‘Save Face With Royal Touch-Up!’

According to the National Enquirer, Charles and Bowles spruced up their sagging faces with a fresh batch of plastic surgery. The two apparently want to look their best when Charles takes the throne. A source says, “They’ve spent a small fortune. They’re doing all they can to look younger and less worn out.”

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According to the insider, years of hard drinking have left Charles and Bowles looking worse for wear. “They’ve been making efforts to ease up on the booze and focus on their appearance for coronation day,” the snitch reveals. A plastic surgeon believes Bowles had a mid-facelift, a more subtle facelift beneath the skin to make the skin appear more refreshed.

How Are Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles?

As you’d expect, the National Enquirer doesn’t exactly present a fair argument. It uses before and after photos to prove the plastic surgery happened, but it deliberately chose unflattering before photos where the two are craning their necks and furrowing their brows. It’s impossible to know if they’ve had work done or are just in a more flattering position.

The photo issue is rather critical because it’s the only bit of hard evidence in this story. The plastic surgeon in the story has never treated Bowles, so they’re basically just explaining what facelifts can do. 

Video footage of Charles and Bowles from the Platinum Jubilee shows that they look the same as always. If they did get work done, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as this outlet claims.

The whole premise of this story is inflammatory. The outlet refers to the two as “pompous” in the very first sentence, and the story announces the two want to look good for the coronation. The tabloid is trying to convince you that Charles is optimistic about his mother dying sooner rather than later, which is as cruel as it is false.

Prince Of Bad Takes

Lest we forget the turgid track record the Enquirer has with royal stories. It announced Charles was banishing Prince Harry back to the United States, but he’s made numerous trips back to the United Kingdom. It also announced Charles would not be king over a financial scandal, but he’s still the heir to the throne.

In an especially bonkers story, it announced Queen Elizabeth was kicking Charles out of the family over his charity scandal. This obviously never happened, so there’s no way we can trust this facelift story.


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