Royal Gossip Says Prince Harry Supposedly Admitted ‘I’ve Made A Huge Mistake’ After UK Visit


Is Prince Harry regretting his departure from royal life? One tabloid claims the duke confessed his secret misery after returning to the United States. Here’s what we know.

Prince Harry ‘Feeling Regretful’ After UK Trip?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports Prince Harry isn’t so content with California living anymore. “Going to London for his grandmother’s jubilee was rough,” a tipster confides. “Harry experienced just how far he’s fallen down the pecking order.” And after returning home to a scathing piece in Santa Barbara News-Press, the duke began second-guessing everything.

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“Netflix and Spotify are baying for content to fulfill his and Meghan’s contract and his publisher has ordered rewrites of his memoir,” the insider reveals. “Harry has bitten off rather more than he can chew and if the past month is anything to go by, he can no longer fall back on royal support. It’s starting to dawn on him that he’s made a huge mistake in following Meghan to America and alienating their families.”

Prince Harry ‘Made Huge Mistake’ With US Move?

How many more times do we need to rehash the same points? Harry has never once indicated that he regrets leaving royal life. On the contrary, on the rare occasion that he does speak out, he insists that relocating to California was the best move for his family at the time. We have no authority to disagree with the duke on this matter, and neither does the tabloid.

Of course, then there are the same talking points. No, Harry and Markle aren’t scrambling for money. Multiple streaming projects are down the pipeline for the couple, even if they were delayed. Furthermore, we just busted this tale about Harry’s book being rejected. And, other than a redacted 2022 release date, we have no reason to believe the duke’s memoir has hit any major roadblocks.

Not to mention, Harry didn’t seem to sweat any of these matters in recent photos. In mid-June, the duke was snapped at a Polo competition, strolling arm and arm with his close friends David and Katherine Foster. And even more recently, both Harry and Markle were spotted paying a visit to their good friend Oprah. Harry’s personal and professional lives are thriving, contrary to what the tabloids would have you believe.

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This isn’t the first time Woman’s Day has misled its readers with a dubious story about the Duke of Sussex. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Harry was headed for a nasty confrontation with Charles over Camilla Parker Bowles. Then the magazine claimed William fled the UK to avoid Harry during his pitstop on his way to the Netherlands. And most recently, the publication alleged William snapped at Harry to apologize in a recent meeting. Clearly, Woman’s Day is constantly overestimating its reach into Harry’s personal life.

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