Royal Gossip Says Prince Harry Supposedly Blew Whistle On Charles’ $3.6M Bribe Scandal


Did Prince Harry inform law enforcement of his father’s illegal activity? One tabloid claims the Duke of Sussex is behind the latest development in the investigation. Let’s take a look at Prince Charles‘ latest legal hiccup.

Prince Harry ‘Blew Whistle’ On Prince Charles?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Prince Charles is in hot water, and Prince Harry may have had a hand in putting him there. Months ago, news broke that Charles knighted Qatari billionaire Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, also known as HBJ, after receiving over $3 million in charitable donations from the businessman. After the transaction was disclosed, an investigation was launched into the circumstances behind HBJ’s knighthood.

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But more recently, investigators revealed that Charles received HBJ’s donation in the form of suitcases and grocery bags full of cash. “This is a dark and shocking stain on Charles’ reputation and threatens his ability to rule when his mother, the queen, dies,” an insider explains. “This could bring down the entire house of cards.”

And the plot thickens when the outlet’s insider suggests that Prince Harry may have had something to do with the development. “We even fear Harry had a hand in exposing the scandal,” one tipster speculates. “It certainly seems to support his narrative that the monarchy is a corrupt, antiquated institution.” The article also notes Harry’s previous comments about “warning” his father that HBJ didn’t seem reputable.

What’s Going On With Prince Charles?

Unsurprisingly, this report is isolating a very small portion of the facts and using that to paint its own version of what’s unfolded. The truth is, while there is an ongoing investigation into Prince Charles’ alleged bribery, they’ve made it clear that no criminal activity has been discovered yet. While the circumstances certainly look suspicious, there’s nothing illegal about accepting charitable donations—even if they do come in bags of cash.

Investigators found that the money was counted, processed, and paid in full to the Prince of Wales’s charitable fund. There isn’t currently any evidence to suggest Charles took a personal bribe in exchange for the knighthood, so his reputation and royal honors are intact.

And with that in mind, it’s only more ridiculous to suggest Harry had anything to do with breaking the scandal. First of all, Harry wouldn’t benefit from his own father’s demise. Despite what the tabloids say, Harry still respects the monarchy and loves his family. He even named his own daughter after the queen herself.

He isn’t an evil agent out to destroy the royals’ way of life. But even if he would in any way benefit from his father’s scandal, that’s not enough reason to start throwing out these accusations. It’s all just baseless speculation to make the duke look bad, and we aren’t falling for it.

The Magazine On Prince Harry

This is far from the first time that the National Enquirer has published lies about the Duke of Sussex. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Meghan Markle was living her “worst nightmare” after failing to make it in Hollywood. Then the magazine claimed Harry and Markle were running out of money. Finally, the publication alleged Harry and Markle fled the UK in shame after being shunned by the royals during the platinum jubilee. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t the most reliable source anywhere the Sussexes are concerned.


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