Royal Gossip Says Princess Anne Supposedly Gloating ‘I Was Right’ About Meghan Markle

Has Princess Anne secretly despised Meghan Markle all this time? According to a new report, the queen’s only daughter has never cared for her niece-in-law. Let’s dive into these brand new royal feud allegations.

Did Meghan Markle Clash With Princess Anne?

While Meghan Markle’s relationship with the royal family is an oft-discussed facet of royal gossip, there is very little coverage of the interactions between the duchess and her aunt-in-law Princess Anne. But according to the latest edition of New Idea, Anne was immediately skeptical of the royal newcomer, and she was unsurprised when her tenure at The Firm ended so abruptly.

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According to the report, Anne met with Markle at the young duchess’ request shortly after her introduction to the family to offer advice. “Striking a balance between public and private life is never easy, but Anne is the Windsor who has found the secret to having it all,” an insider divulges. “Anne tried to make it clear that royal life isn’t like Hollywood. Represent the queen, do it well, then go home and live a normal life. No one is bigger than the crown.”

And when Markle and Harry bid their royal duties adieu, Anne didn’t bat an eye. “Hard-working, no-fuss Anne was the exact opposite of everything the Hollywood celebrity was chasing,” the tipster notes. “It’s no wonder they never saw eye to eye. And, of course, given that Harry and Meghan ran off to California the second the going got tough, Anne was right—as usual!”

Princess Anne Left Meghan Markle ‘Dumbfounded’ After Private Meeting?

If Princess Anne had her doubts about Meghan Markle, we would have no way of knowing. Just as the magazine admits, Anne is a no-nonsense working royal with a strong air of professionalism. There’s no way of knowing what she thought about Markle back in 2018 when she first married Harry. We’re absolutely certain she wasn’t dishing any gossip back then.

That brings us around to this alleged meeting between Markle and Anne. While we aren’t negating that they could have met with each other—Anne is Markle’s aunt-in-law, after all—how would anyone know what they talked about? The magazine insists it was a rather embarrassing encounter for Markle, so we’re sure she wouldn’t have been gossiping about it if it truly did happen.

So, are we to believe that Anne is telling people how Markle was in over her head from the start? Are we supposed to believe Princess Anne is gloating around the palace that she was right about Markle, over two years after she left her royal duties? Of course not. The notion is completely ludicrous, and we aren’t buying the tabloid’s dubious story for one moment.

More Royal Gossip From The Tabloids

New Idea has done little to hide its extreme prejudice against the Duchess of Sussex. Just a few months ago, the outlet claimed Prince William was warning Prince Charles not to meet with Markle and Harry. Then the magazine alleged Markle was planning to confront Kate Middleton while in the UK. The publication even reported that Harry and Markle were gearing up for a second tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Clearly, New Idea lacks any true expertise when it comes to the British royal family.

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