Royal Rumor Claims Prince Harry Supposedly Made ‘Shocking Final Insult’ To Queen Elizabeth For Meghan Markle


Is Prince Harry planning to unleash the ultimate swipe against his grandmother? According to one tabloid, the Duke of Sussex is delivering a final insult to Queen Elizabeth on Meghan Markle‘s orders. Here’s what we know.

Prince Harry Seeking United States Citizenship?

This week, the Globe reports Prince Harry is ready to leave behind his royal life for good. According to the tabloid’s snitches, Meghan Markle is eyeing a congressional run. But the outlet explains how such a move would leave the fate of the Sussexes’ royal ties uncertain. If Markle won any American election, she would be forced to give up her royal titles. Sources say Harry is prepared to do the same in order to support his wife.

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“He knows it’ll cause a huge stink and likely mean the end of his relationship with the senior royals, but that’s something he’s willing to risk,” an insider squeals. “Harry’s looking forward to pledging his allegiance to the American flag and being plain old Harry Mountbatten-Windsor. He’s excited for this new chapter and longing to back Meghan in any way he can.”

Is Meghan Markle Running For Office?

This is an old Sussex rumor, but that doesn’t make it any more believable. No, Meghan Markle isn’t running for congress. While she’s vocal about causes that are close to her heart, she has never given any indication that she wants to run for any kind of political office. That’s probably because she knows she still has a powerful platform as the Duchess of Sussex, and we don’t foresee her permanently giving that up to serve in the United States Senate or House of Representatives.

Furthermore, it’s a bit bizarre to drag Harry into this. From what we can tell, the duke would be fine even if Markle renounced her titles and ran for office, so the magazine’s insistence on Harry cutting ties with the UK is purely there for dramatic effect. Besides, we can tell from the magazine’s endless swipes against Markle’s character that they aren’t speaking to anyone in her circle.

More Sussex Rumors From The Tabloid

Of course, we know better than to trust the Globe anywhere the Sussexes are concerned. Last year, the outlet claimed Markle had trapped Harry in a life that he hated. Then the magazine reported Harry and Markle were fleeing California for a new life in New York. The publication also slammed Markle for allegedly trying to imitate Princess Diana. And most recently, the rag claimed Harry demanded an apology from the queen. Obviously, the Globe has no real insight into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s lives.

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