Royal Rumor Says Prince William Apparently Snapped At Harry To Apologize In Recent Meeting

Did Prince William confront Prince Harry during the queen’s Platinum Jubilee? One tabloid claims Harry’s return to the UK only made things worse for the royal family. Here’s what we know.

Prince William Urging Prince Harry To Apologize?

This week, Woman’s Day reports Prince Harry was purposefully excluded from the senior royals’ celebrations in an effort to send him a very clear message: It’s time to apologize. According to the article, Prince William was the primary authority on the royals’ seating arrangements, and he would have been the one to finalize Harry’s exclusion. But instead of inspiring humility, sources say the move only angered Harry further.

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“Once [Harry and Meghan Markle] had finally squeezed past the York sisters and taken a seat behind the Wessex kids, Harry had a face like thunder,” an eyewitness dishes. “He knew being placed so far back in the ranks was designed to show him where he stood… When William and Catherine didn’t even look in their direction, it became obvious that this was a right royal snub.”

But the tipster insists William wasn’t just trying to provoke Harry—he was trying to send a message. “He wanted them to understand that nobody is bigger than the monarchy, and feels very much it is time the Sussexes offer an apology to the Queen and the family,” the snitch reveals. “But William is at the point where even if the Sussexes did apologize—which they haven’t—it wouldn’t mean anything.”

William Sending Coded Message With Snub?

We could go in circles unraveling all of the hypothetical layers of Prince Harry’s exclusion from the royal balcony during Trooping the Color, but there wouldn’t really be a point. The palace was firm in its statement about only allowing working royals to sit with the queen on the balcony, and we’re certain that they wouldn’t let any genuine contradictory sentiments slip to the public.

And from what we could tell, the festivities went smoothly. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were having a blast in almost every photo from their recent trip, so it doesn’t seem like the event was ruined for them in the slightest. While it’s true that no one saw the Sussexes and Cambridges together and they likely didn’t speak during the Platinum Jubilee, that’s the extent of our insight. Any reports of coded “messages” are absolute speculation, and no one should give them any credence.

The Tabloid On The Sussexes

We’re especially skeptical of this report after taking a look at some other stories Woman’s Day has published about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Harry and Markle refused to let the queen meet Lilibet. Then the magazine claimed Harry and Markle’s marriage was “make or break” during their trip to the Netherlands. And the publication even alleged Harry had been “completely taken over” by Markle. Obviously, we’d be fools to take Woman’s Day‘s word when it comes to the royal couple.

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