Royal Rumors Claim Prince Harry Supposedly Threatened Royal Family, Apparently Snitched On Charles’ $3.6M Scandal

Prince Harry made history when he left the royal family with Meghan Markle for a new life in the United States. Tabloids cannot let this go. Apparently, the Duke of Sussex is personally extorting the royal family and is responsible for scandals plaguing Prince Charles. Let’s look at some pretty out-there stories and see if there’s anything to them.

Prince Harry Double Crosses Family

According to New Idea, Harry and Markle’s trip to England was only done to produce fodder for Oprah Winfrey. The pair were spotted visiting Winfrey’s mansion, leaving many to assume they’re preparing another devious tell-all interview. A royal expert says this has to be the last straw: “If Harry and Meghan do another tell-all, it will spell the end of their relationship with the monarchy—not just the institution, but also their blood relatives.”

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This was a bait-and-switch story, a specialty of this tabloid. The title was “Bombshell Interview Leaked,” but the story was actually about what might happen. Any outlet which willfully misleads its readers is inherently untrustworthy. It’s true that Harry and Markle visited Winfrey, but that’s all we know for sure. A casual visit among friends is hardly confirmation of a tell-all.

Prince Harry The Whistleblower

Charles is currently facing a major scandal over accepting over $3 million in charitable donations from a Qatari billionaire. According to the National Enquirer, Harry was the whistleblower who told the world about his father’s misdeeds. “We even fear Harry had a hand in exposing the scandal,” one tipster speculated. “It certainly seems to support his narrative that the monarchy is a corrupt, antiquated institution.”

The article overstated what was going on. Charles is not under criminal investigation for what he allegedly did. It’s a bad look, but he didn’t knight any party in question. There’s nothing linking Harry to this story whatsoever, nor would he gain from his father going to jail. The tabloid was just desperate to somehow make Harry responsible for a royal scandal he had nothing to do with.

Royal Blackmail Cover-Up

According to Star, the palace investigation into Markle’s bullying of staff was whisked away because of threats from Harry. Sources say Markle was a brutal boss and the investigation would have exposed her. “Prince Harry threatened to rip the lid off the monarchy and cause irreparable damage if Meghan was thrown under the bus, so in the end, appropriate measures had to be taken… The whole royal family just wants to move on with their lives,” a source said.

The investigation results are beyond private, so how do these so-called sources know what happened? The decision to seal the results has infuriated both fans and haters of the Sussexes. Staying private is just what the royal family does. The rag just wanted to attack Harry and Markle for a decision they were thousands of miles away from.

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