Rude Rumor Claims Michael Caine Apparently Unable To Walk Again, Supposedly ‘Frail Shell’

Michael Caine is not a young man. One report targets his health in a most uncouth way. The Jaws: The Revenge star is supposedly too frail to ever walk again. Let’s look into the story to see what’s going on.

‘Crippled Caine, 89, On His Last Legs’

According to the National Enquirer, friends of Caine fear for his long-term health. He’s apparently grown frail and struggles to walk anymore. He was spotted using a walker earlier in the summer. The Tenet star recently underwent surgery to correct spinal stenosis, and he’s already admitted that he’s probably finished acting.

“Michael has looked quite terrible in recent public appearances,” an insider says. “He seems to have aged very rapidly with the surgery and de facto acting retirement. He’s got everyone very worried about what comes next.”

How Is Michael Caine Doing?

Millions of folks require assistance to move around. It’s outright cruel to call Michael Caine “hobbled” and a “frail shell of his former self” just because he uses a cane or walker. It’s trashy to bash someone for the state of their health. Frankly, it’s none of our business.

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Let’s acknowledge that the Enquirer is deliberately inflammatory in the name of profit. It’s hoping to make money by exploiting the state of Caine’s health. The least it could do in this situation is tell Caine’s story accurately. Instead, the article is willfully misleading.

We can dismiss the idea that Caine’s friends fear for his ability to ever walk again. Real friends never talk to tabloids and using a walker to walk still counts as walking. To back its narrative, the tabloid uses two photos of Caine: one using a walker and another using a cane.

Caine used a walker for help as he recovers from his major surgery. It’s a temporary measure as he recovers. Caine has used a cane for help getting around because of a 2018 accident where he slipped on some ice and broke his ankle. Since then, he’s managed to star in eight movies. His mobility has little to do with his career or quality of life.

In fact, Caine has multiple projects in the pipeline. While this tabloid believes Best Sellers will probably be his last film, he’s already completed work on the Ben Foster film Medieval. Caine will also star alongside Glenda Jackson in the upcoming film The Great Escaper. Throw in Now You See Me 3 and whatever Christopher Nolan is making, and it’s obvious Caine has not retired. He’s doing just fine.

The Ableist Tabloid

The Enquirer regularly targets celebrities whenever they require assistance. It trashed Liza Minnelli after the Oscars and reported she would not live to see 2023. She’s regularly going out to dinner these days. It also claimed Chevy Chase would die in 2020 because he was spotted using a wheelchair. He’s still alive and well.

In a truly bizarre story, it labeled Julia Roberts as secretly blind because she wore some dark sunglasses. Obviously, that was bogus. This outlet is hardly a trustworthy source for health news. Caine is still working and regularly going out despite surgeries and injuries, so this story is false.

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