Rude Source Says Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Apparently Failing To Blend Families As Wedding Approaches

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez struggling to bring their families closer together? According to one tabloid, the couple’s respective families are clashing as they get closer and closer to their wedding day. Here’s the latest gossip about Bennifer 2.0.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck In Staffing Crisis?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are moving full-steam ahead with their wedding plans, but they’ve been struggling to blend their staff. Apparently, the couple’s respective nannies and other employees aren’t getting along, and it’s causing real trouble for the engaged couple.

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“If someone was supposed to make a reservation, pick up or drop off one of the kids, but groceries, whatever, and something goes wrong, they blame the other side. There is no cohesiveness, and it’s a disaster on a daily basis,” an inside source squeals. But it isn’t only the staff that’s having growing pains. While the stars’ children Emme and Seraphina are getting along famously, sources say the other kids are having trouble adjusting.

Affleck’s 10-year-old son Sam recently had a mishap behind the wheel of his dad’s Lamborghini. In an ill-fated outing, Sam was photographed bumping into a BMW with his dad in the passenger seat. Apparently, things are getting so chaotic for the family that Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner had a sit down with the actor. “No one was hurt and apparently neither the Lambo nor the BMW suffered any visible damage,” the tipster confides. “But Garner can’t help but wonder what was in Ben’s mind!”

Are Things Getting Tense In The Affleck-Lopez Household?

After investigating this report, we have just one question: Who in the world is talking to this tabloid? This alleged insider is claiming to have some extremely sensitive information about Affleck and Lopez’s families, so we’re immediately skeptical of who the magazine is dealing with.

First of all, there’s only a small group of people that could have access to these details. First, there’s the families’ staff. We’re sure both Affleck and Lopez have a rigorous vetting process before they hire anyone to work with their children, so we seriously doubt there’s a breach there.

But after that, the only people who would know these details are in the family themselves—and we’re absolutely certain Lopez and Affleck’s children aren’t phoning into the National Enquirer to tell on their parents. So, we’re left to assume that the magazine was full of it.

The Tabloid On Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez

But we’re especially skeptical of this report considering the Enquirer‘s recent coverage of the couple. Back in December, the outlet reported Lopez was bleeding Affleck’s bank account dry. Then the magazine claimed Affleck and Lopez were fighting over where to live. And more recently, the publication alleged Lopez didn’t want Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon in their wedding party. So, we aren’t buying anything the Enquirer has to say about Affleck and Lopez.

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