Rumor Falsely Says Liza Minnelli’s Supposedly Cut Off From Her Family And Losing Dementia Battle

Liza Minnelli made a rare public appearance at this year’s Academy Awards. One rumor believes she’s been cut off from her family amid a fight with dementia. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Liza Losing War With Dementia!’

Per the National Enquirer, Minnelli’s friends apparently fear for her safety. A tipster says the Cabaret star is losing her cognitive abilities and now requires around-the-clock care: “Liza often fidgets, her hands shake, and she looks horrible.”

The Academy Awards supposedly proved Minnelli’s condition is worsening. The outlet says she seemed frail and confused beside Lady Gaga as the two presented Best Picture. “Liza rarely leaves the house anymore, so the Oscars were supposed to be such an important moment for her,” the source says. “It turned out horribly, though… she didn’t want people to remember her that way.”

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Worryingly, the insider claims Minnelli has been cut off from her friends and finances by Michael Feinstein. “Liza is almost broke, but what she has left is being managed by Michael,” a source says. “He’s not letting a lot of people near her, including family members.” Minnelli would stop him, they say, but she’s not mentally able to do so. The insider concludes, “time is running out.”

Is Liza Minnelli Okay?

The Enquirer is churning out the same hit piece about Liza Minnelli’s health on a monthly basis. In May, the tabloid ran a very similar story about Minnelli’s end being near. It too cited the Academy Awards and cognitive issues. The Oscars get mentioned so much in these stories because that’s all the tabloid has to go off of.

There’s heaps of evidence to debunk this story. The Enquirer claims Minnelli has been cut off from friends and family, yet she got dinner in public with George Hamilton just a few months ago. Last year, a star-studded 75th birthday celebration was done in her honor. Both friends and family of the star took part in the tribute. If Feinstein is supposedly shielding Minnelli from the world, then he’s doing a terrible job of it.

Speaking of Feinstein, he clarified what actually happened at the Academy Awards. As Gossip Cop noted just a month ago, he said Minnelli was misled by the Academy and was originally going to sit in a director’s chair. The sudden change bewildered her. Whether this is true or not, the mere fact that Minnelli agreed to appear on Hollywood’s biggest stage is a pretty good sign that she’s doing alright.

There’s Another Important Note

A little over a year ago, this very outlet announced Liza Minnelli was dying. One year later and she’s still with us. These so-called insiders don’t know anything whatsoever. it seems like the Enquirer is determined to predict Minnelli’s death every single week until it’s right. That’s not insight; it’s just trashy.