Rumor Says Whoopi Goldberg’s Recent Outburst Has Producers Considering Firing Her

Is Whoopi Goldberg in the hot seat once again? According to one report, producers are begging the controversial TV personality to reel it in. Here’s what we know about Goldberg’s latest transgression.

Whoopi Goldberg Criticized After ‘Explosive’ Outburst?

Per the National Enquirer, Whoopi Goldberg is under fire for lashing out at guest host Ana Navarro. Apparently, Navarro interrupted Goldberg on the show, leading the Ghost actress to angrily snap, “Let me just finish the thing!” The magazine notes that this is far from Goldberg’s first offense, and producers are apparently starting to worry she’s driving other hosts away.

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According to the article, Goldberg played a major role in Meghan McCain’s decision to quit last year. “Whoopi is a nightmare!” an insider fumes. “Everyone’s walking on eggshells and producers wonder if her volatile nature is worth dealing with anymore!”

‘The View’ Producers Consider Firing Whoopi Goldberg?

No, Whoopi Goldberg is not on the chopping block, and it’s a bit ridiculous to suggest it. Here’s the thing: Goldberg has put herself in positions in the past where her job could very well have been in jeopardy. For example, Goldberg was suspended earlier this year for her controversial comments about the Holocaust. The backlash was inescapable, and the show’s executives could have very well pulled the plug on her tenure at the time. But they chose not to, and Goldberg returned unscathed.

And now, let’s put her recent outburst into context. On The View, interruptions, rude snipes, and tense arguments are the pillars of the show. In fact, when researching this very incident, we found multiple other times Goldberg snapped at her co-hosts or even was forced to apologize for her behavior—and that’s just in the past two weeks. This is nothing new over at The View, and Goldberg certainly isn’t the only one that’s guilty of it.

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So, if the show’s producers didn’t see it fit to fire Goldberg for angering fans with her insensitive comments about race, why would Goldberg be on the chopping block now? The answer is obvious: She wouldn’t be. Producers are not trying to fire Goldberg for the same sensational behavior that’s kept viewers tuning in since the early aughts.

The Tabloid On Whoopi Goldberg

The National Enquirer doesn’t know anything about Whoopi Goldberg or The View. Not too long ago, the outlet reported Goldberg was planning to leave the show because of her co-hosts. Then the magazine claimed it was actually her co-hosts that were trying to get her fired. And more recently, the publication alleged Goldberg and Joy Behar were terrified of losing their jobs to Meghan McCain’s replacement. The Enquirer has proven time and time again that it isn’t in the loop with the daytime show.

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