Rumors Claim Ben Affleck Supposedly Struggling With $1M Over Budget Wedding To Jennifer Lopez

Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at odds over their wedding plans? Rumor has it, Bennifer 2.0 could fold under the pressure of their impending nuptials. Let’s see what the tabloids are saying.

Ben Affleck ‘Having A Very Hard Time’ With Wedding Planning?

Last month, the Globe reported Ben Affleck was being “frog-marched down the aisle” by his fiancee Jennifer Lopez. Apparently, Lopez was drafting plans for two ceremonies—a small one to get it done quickly and a much-larger, celebratory one a little down the line. “And she’s told Ben there’s no weaseling out of it,” an insider remarked. “Ben’s going along with it but he’s feeling steamrolled.”

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But there were just too many red flags in the tabloid’s tale. There were the parts that just didn’t make sense, like the timing and Lopez’s alleged demands about Affleck’s tattoos and exercise regimen. Then there’s the whole unlikelihood that this rag was getting credible updates about Lopez and Affleck’s wedding from its anonymous source. And finally, we just weren’t buying this portrait of Lopez as a controlling bridezilla and of Affleck as her henpecked hostage.

Jennifer Lopez Ruining Wedding Plans With Expensive Demands?

Then In Touch shared a similar lead, insisting that Lopez was turning into “the ultimate bridezilla.” Sources spilled that Lopez was planning the “ceremony of the century” but was starting to lose touch with reality. Apparently, she was going back and forth on decisions and making arrangements to air the whole ceremony on TV. “The wedding is already $1 million over budget,” a snitch whispered.

We were quick to point out just how unlikely this story was. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez famously called off their first wedding because of excessive media attention, so they’ve been careful to play their next one close to the cuff. There isn’t any readily available information about their impending nuptials, so the outlet was just asking too much out of its readers to believe its bizarrely detailed story. But considering the tabloid’s derogatory language towards Lopez, we were absolutely certain it was just blowing smoke.

Jennifer Garner Warned Ben Affleck About J.Lo Wedding?

Finally, Life & Style echoed In Touch, sharing a shockingly-similar account of Lopez’s wedding demands. “They’re already $1 million over budget,” read a painfully familiar line. “Most people don’t get a second chance like this. She needs to take a step back before she scares Ben off.” But then the outlet pulled out the big guns: Apparently, Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner had been warning Affleck to get out while he still could for a while.

But this report only seemed all that less likely by bringing Garner into it. It’s one thing to feign knowledge about Affleck and Lopez’s plans, but to pretend to know about private conversations between Garner and Affleck was just too far of a stretch. Lopez wasn’t making a fuss, and Garner certainly wasn’t either. And considering the very same tabloid once blindly and falsely predicted an engagement for Garner, it was clear we weren’t dealing with a beacon of journalistic integrity.

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