Runway Waiters, your guide to leaving a lasting impression

Hosting an event can be strenuous and tension-laden, given that there are several expectations to be fulfilled and needs to be met. Thus, would it not be nice if there was a one-stop solution that could help meet all event-related requisites? Worry not, because Runway Waiters does exactly that! Runway Waiters provides premium event staffing in NYC and other cities like Los Angeles and Miami.

Runway Waiters is one of the most renowned organizations for event staffing in NYC, LA, and Miami have given partnerships with leading model management agencies such as IMG Models, Elite Model Management, NEXT Management, Ford Models, Wilhelmina International Inc., and other such reputed agencies. What has more importantly led Runway Waiters to be an elite event staffing agency is their collaboration with major fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren, and big-name organizations like Google, Facebook, and Ferrari- all of which are top-tier in their respective industries.

What makes Runway Waiters’ events so unique is the top-notch, unforgettable service that they provide. They book professional models based on their partnership with acclaimed modeling agencies. ‘Beauty lies in the details,’ is a motto strongly held by the event staffing agency, that is, outward appearances are not a forefront element- it is the poise, communication capabilities and finesse that is brought to the table that matters.

Runway Waiters employs a range of services which has led the agency to be considered a force to be reckoned with, concerning event staffing in NYC. Their services include a high-quality brand promotion, hosting, serving, and bar-tending- all executed by the professional models booked by the agency. Most importantly, the agency carefully curates its selection of professionals based on the event- be it a film premiere, a business convention, or an art gallery opening. Thus, the agency is passionate about providing the service that will best meet the needs of their client, given that the professional models become the face of the event. Runway Waiters believes that ‘your event is a reflection of you’ and therefore, the agency’s mission is to help their client’s always put their best foot forward.

All in all, what makes Runway Waiters leaders in event staffing in NYC is their mission to always provide the best customer service and satisfaction. The agency aims to design one-of-a-kind events for all its clients. Monotony and mundaneness are something the agency abhors, while elegance, luxury, and sophistication are what they achieve

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