Saleka Melts with Her Red Eyes


Saleka Melts with Her Red Eyes: R&B songstress Saleka has released new single “Red Eyes” and it’s a beautiful, soulful and heartbreaking piece of work.

The artist is in the midst of a hot spell, having seen some of her tunes used to soundtrack her father M. Night Shyamalan’s show Servant.

‘Red Eyes’ is a true millennial ‘love’ song. It’s a snapshot journal entry about the dissonance of feeling something real while existing in a world obsessed with instant gratification and overstimulation,” Saleka said in a statement. “Knowing it probably won’t last amidst this chaos of temptation and competition, and compromising for one night of something resembling connection. The title is meant to carry multiple connotations. On the surface, the image of “red eyes” alludes to heartbreak and tears, or intoxication and addiction—the usual effects of toxic love. But I also liked the idea of alluding to red-eye flights—the state of being nowhere, physically and temporally in-between places, awaiting a destination. That’s sort of what this period of life feels like to me sometimes.”

It’s a slow-burner, but it really hits the listener in the feels with lines like the opening, “We never talk about it, to real to put it into words.” Oooph!

According to the press release, “Drawing on her passion for singing and songwriting and effortlessly fusing the sounds of R&B, pop, jazz, and neo-soul, “Red Eyes” drifts along with Saleka’s bewitching vocal delivery, alluring lyrics, and delicate pianism. After training as a classical pianist for most of her life and finding influence from powerhouse female vocalists such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Sarah Vaughn, Saleka has continued to evolve and transform into an illustrious artist and musician.”

Saleka Melts with Her Red Eyes: Saleka’s “Red Eyes” is out now.


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