Sarah Jessica Parker Begs Lindt To Bring Popular Treat To U.S.

What are the holidays without a bit of chocolate? In a new Instagram post, Sarah Jessica Parker is advocating for a famous chocolate maker to bring one of its European Christmas treats to the United States. Here’s what we know about the popular holiday candy.

‘I Speak For Millions’

Who knew Sarah Jessica Parker was so passionate about Christmas treats? Okay, we can’t blame her. We’re already dreaming about pumpkin pie, too. Parker took to social media to advocate for an unexpected European holiday staple.

On Instagram, Parker posted a photo of a Lindt chocolate teddy-bear-shaped advent calendar. The actress captioned the post, “@lindt_usa Bring Teddy to the US!!!! I speak for millions. X, SJ.”

As it turns out, the Lindt Teddy is a popular holiday treat in Europe. The golden-wrapped milk chocolate teddy bear is hollow inside and is said to be as delectable as the company’s other chocolate treats. Not to mention, it’s absolutely adorable.

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Lindt’s social media advertises the bears relentlessly around the holiday season—and looking at their festive wrapping, we totally get it.

We have to say, plenty of families would love a treat like the Teddy for the holidays. It appears as if it was made to peek out of a stocking. We have chocolate bunnies in the United States for easter, so why not a chocolate bear for Christmas?

You Can Purchase Them On Amazon At Your Own Risk

It’s not impossible to get your hands on this European favorite—although, it is a bit tricky. You can currently purchase an 8-pack of the bears on Amazon. However, it won’t be cheap, and the reviews are likely to scare you off.

It seems that because the bears are made of fragile, hollow chocolate, they are prone to breaking in the shipping process. Countless reviewers lamented receiving broken and melted bears. That might be part of the reason that the Swiss chocolate company doesn’t typically sell these bears overseas.

It looks like your best bet for tasting one of these iconic holiday treats is to plan a visit to Lindt’s chocolate museum in Switzerland. In the meantime, fans of the bears spending the holidays in the United States will just have to settle for Hershey’s Kisses for at least another year.

Here’s hoping Sarah Jessica Parker can put her star power into action and bring the Lindt chocolate teddies to the United States.

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