Sarah Jessica Parker Has A New Side Gig As A Book Publisher


Sarah Jessica Parker is known as a fabulous actress and producer. Perhaps most recognized as playing writer Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, the actress is now turning her attention from portraying a writer to publishing books in real life. That’s right—Parker’s newest role is that of book publisher!

Earlier this year, the actress turned her attention from the big screen to one of her biggest loves. Since Parker is known to be an avid reader and book lover, it made sense for the 57-year-old to start her own book imprint, SPJ Lit.

In an Instagram post, Parker said the new company “will publish sweeping, expansive, thought-provoking, and big-hearted stories that are inclusive of international and underrepresented voices.”

Turns out, the company is doing just that. In fact, SJP Lit is ready to release its first book. Parker recently shared on Instagram how the company’s first book imprint is the debut novel of Elysha Chang, A Quitter’s Paradise.

From Playing A Writer To Becoming A Book Publisher

As Parker remarks in the caption, “The kind of news I love to share. Happy exciting and beautiful news for my reader friends and for all who love and appreciate book covers!”

The actress went on to share that the cover is by New York-based illustrator Dror Cohen, who captured the main character’s “feelings of disconnect and seeking so perfectly.”

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Although the cover has been designed for the debut novel, fans will have to wait a few more months to get their copy. Parker mentions that the book, in partnership with Zando Projects, will be released in June.

The book looks to be a captivating read. As Parker says, the new work is “hilarious and heartbreaking, this book follows Eleanor on her winding journey to make sense of herself, her mother’s death, and her family’s estrangement.”  In fact, Parker enjoyed reading the book so much that she “didn’t want it to end.”

Now that SJP Lit is ready to release their first novel, what other books will we see from them? According to Parker, fans can expect more gripping stories from the book imprint. In fact, the actress hopes to publish books similar to those she has on her own bookshelf.

According to Parker, “Ahead of my imprint launching next year, I want to share with you a few selections from my bookshelf to give you a sense of the thought-provoking, captivating stories that I love and that we aim to publish at SJP Lit. These are some books that have been important to me, that have changed me, and that I always think of when someone asks for a book recommendation.”

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