Sarah Jessica Parker Offered To Help Kitchen Staff During Irish Vacation


Just when we thought we couldn’t love Sarah Jessica Parker any more, she finds more ways to surprise us. The actress has been vacationing just across the pond at the Emerald Isle, and recent reports reveal she was a delightful guest.

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Your Dream Dinner Guest

In a retreat from her New York City digs, Sarah Jessica Parker embarked on a late summer getaway to Dublin, Ireland. This is far from the first time the Sex and the City actress has vacationed on the isle, and it’s clear she’s a big hit with the locals. During a recent trip to the popular SOUP 2 restaurant in the city, Parker won over the staff with her charm and ready-to-help demeanor.

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Apparently, the establishment was swamped with customers when Parker arrived. Instead of losing her patience with the pre-occupied wait staff, restaurant owner Conor Hughes says she actually offered to help clean some dishes.

“Sarah was one of the nicest customers I’ve had in a while,” Hughes told Hello!. “She noticed we were super busy, asked if I was short-staffed, and jokingly offered to help in the kitchen, as I was cooking and running food! She seemed to know a lot about our business, and clearly had done her due diligence.”

Hughes says it was a family occasion, and Parker dined with her husband Matthew Broderick and their three children. “Both Sarah and Matthew were happy to converse with anyone and everyone,” the restauranter recalls. “My friend Lauren bought her a cocktail which SJP thanked her for personally as she paid at the counter.”

Their Last Stop Before Heading Back To The States

Apparently, Parker and her family didn’t just stumble into the establishment. Hughes insists Parker studied up on the place, reading reviews and scouring their menu before choosing to dine there. The owner says it was a huge honor since it was the family’s last meal in the country before departing back to their home in New York City.

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So, what did the family order? Well, according to Hughes, they were quite the foodies and dined on a variety of menu items. Fried chicken to start, then ramen for the main course—but they also indulged in some smaller plates throughout the meal.

“Cauli wings and salmon sashimi to share. I sent an extra plate of sashimi as they seemed to love the first one this gesture was met with amazed delight. They really appreciated it. Especially the kids,” Hughes reveals.

It was bittersweet for Ireland to bid the family adieu—but there’s no doubt that they’ll be back soon enough. Broderick’s family has owned a vacation home in Donegal for over 40 years. Locals know him and Parker well and often spot them spending their holiday browsing local shops and patronizing eateries in town.

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