Sarah Michelle Gellar Won’t Let Her Daughter Get Bangs


Kids are always begging their parents to let them change up their hairstyles, but there’s one thing Sarah Michelle Gellar is forbidding her daughter from doing: getting bangs. It might seem like an overreaction, but the actress has some very good evidence to show her daughter to prove the style isn’t a great idea. 

Why Gellar Is Discouraging Her Daughter From A Trim

Gellar married actor and I Know What You Did Last Summer co-star Freddie Prinze Jr. in 2002. The couple share two children, Charlotte, 12, and Rocky, 9. It looks like Charlotte is at that age where she’s ready to make some decisions about her personal style, but Gellar is being less than encouraging—and for good reason!

“Every time my daughter asks for bangs, I show her this picture of me,” Gellar wrote under some throwback pictures of herself sporting the hairstyle. “When she keeps asking, I show her the second.”

Her followers were quick to laugh at the pictures, as well as admit that they also had some hairdos that are embarrassing to look back on. “Haha I love this,” one person wrote. “’Man, my bangs were so awesome!’ … said no one ever … I have similar pics like this I’ll have to show my future daughter.”

Others wrote that Gellar could have had it worse—“It could be Courteney Cox in Scream 3.” The actress’ bangs in that movie have become a meme online, as have Gellar’s own ’90s style hair. 

She’s Made Fun Of Her ’90s Bangs Before

The pictures are from her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days and show the actress with the short, wispy bangs that were popular in the ’90s. Today, they look silly, but at the time, stars like Gellar, Cox, and Drew Barrymore rocked the look. 

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It’s not the first time Gellar has poked fun at her younger self’s bangs. In 2020, she posted another image of herself from the show, with text on the image reading, “How some of y’alls quarantine haircuts are looking.” Gellar joked in the caption that she’d been contemplating a home haircut when she saw this meme.

Gellar is far from the only person who has looked back on a particular haircut and thought, “What was I thinking?” It looks like the actress wants to spare her daughter from feeling the same way! 

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