Save Over $300 On Energy Every Year By Using A Vont Smart Plug


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When it comes to saving on energy costs, we do our best. We’ve been drilled about turning off the lights when we leave a room since we were kids. Weatherstripping our doors and windows and using thermal curtains in the winter has become second nature. We even check our refrigerator settings to ensure our food is safely stored and that our wallets aren’t hurting too much.

We’re doing a lot already, but there’s one simple thing that can help us cut down on our energy bills even more. And, we’ll do just about anything to keep these bills from getting too out of hand. I mean, more than they already are.

Studies have shown that around 23% of power usage in an average household comes from “always on” appliances. You know the type. Our televisions, microwaves, and desktop computers are almost always plugged in, and the list of “vampire appliances” goes on and on.

Some of the larger appliances have a lengthy set-up, so it’s best to keep them plugged in. But other appliances, like our computers, lamps, and phone chargers don’t always need power.

In fact, with reports showing the average American household spending around $115 per month on electricity, these “always on” appliances could be costing you over $300 a year!

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So what can we do to keep these devices from sucking up too much energy? We’re glad you asked! The Vont Smart Plug can help you lower your electric bills and make smarter choices about your energy consumption.

Vont Smart Plugs can be controlled by an app on your phone or by voice command. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, with the smart plug, you can set routines, control devices from anywhere, and see a breakdown of your energy consumption on the app. Even for the least “techy” among us, the smart plug is easy to use and set up. Just download the Vont app, plug in the device, and click on Add Device in the app.

Once installed, you are in total control of when to power on and off any appliance or device in your home. Set up a routine to automatically turn off unneeded electronics while you sleep or turn lights on once it gets dark. Tap to power up your coffee maker while still in bed, or to turn off the TV from the other room.

As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can set “vacation mode” to keep your home looking occupied even when you’re not around. Lights will turn off and on at a set time or as you control it from the app.

And, remember the days of worrying about whether you left your coffee maker on as you were leaving for vacation? Well, as long as it’s plugged into a Vont SmartPlug, you won’t have to worry any longer. If that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure anything will. For me, that’s a major game changer!

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