SavorEat lets you decide what you want in your burger patty, on the spot


As the value of personalization rises to trillions across industries, companies increasingly have to leverage customization to maintain a competitive advantage. Naturally, the desire for personalization extends beyond just technology and into every facet of one’s life, including basic needs such as food. 

Food customization is especially important for those with dietary preferences. Most often this manifests in people who identify as vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarians, whose choice to refrain from animal products comes from an idealistic standpoint, or people with dietary restrictions. This results in also wanting the highest level of sustainability and transparency in the food they consume, which is often hard to quantify since food production isn’t known for its high levels of transpicuousness. 

SavorEat takes a proactive approach to disrupting the food industry. By leveraging digital manufacturing and AI, SavorEat creates customized plant-based patties based on consumers’ individual preferences. 

The plant-based meat market has seen enormous success since Beyond Meat launched its first successful alternative-meat burger in 2016, and it’s only continuing to grow. It’s only natural to carry the momentum and further mature the plant-based food market. Through SavorEat, plant-based food can become completely customizable for consumers, ushering in a new era of much-needed transparency and sustainability within the food industry including the dining experience. 

Think about your restaurant experience. The menu offers a variety of choices, but what if you’re on a diet and you want less fat in your food? In most establishments, menu items are stagnant with no option to customize nutrition or composition. Even more so, you have no idea what’s happening in the kitchen or where the ingredients in your dish are from. 

Now think of the way SavorEat does it. Picture yourself walking into a restaurant and scanning a QR code. Using the SavorEat web application, diners can customize the amount of protein and fat. Additionally, customers can select cooking preferences for their plant-based burger–completely eliminating concerns over dietary restrictions or allergens. 

After picking your preferences, your order is electronically sent to the Robot Chef, which SavorEat built to produce plant-based patties in under ten minutes, entirely without human interference. Service providers can also reduce labor costs and food waste, as each patty is made to order. 

For restaurants, installation only requires enough room to store the Robot Chef in the kitchen, and ingredient cartridges to allow a streamlined food preparation process. To ensure customer satisfaction, SavorEat and food manufacturers receive direct feedback from their consumers via the platform, and not through an external third party. 

SavorEat was founded in 2018 by CEO Racheli Vizman, Chief Science Officer, Prof. Oded Shoseyov, and Prof. Ido Braslavsky. With a team specializing in food sciences, plant molecular biology, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, and business, the company successfully replicates the taste and texture of meat using non-GMO, plant-based products. In November 2020, SavorEat became the first food-tech company to complete an IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

SavorEat is on a mission to bring about a cohesive production process, reduce waste, and offer a dining experience that will encourage more people to shift to a plant-based lifestyle. 


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