Say Goodbye To Grays And Thin Patches With This Scalp Concealer

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Root cover-ups and scalp makeup are fantastic tools to have in your hair arsenal when you are in your 40s and beyond. You can use them to cover gray roots or color growing out or to fill in sparse, thin areas. Root cover-ups are also great for the budget because they can extend the time between salon visits. The question is—which one should you try?

Color Wow Root Cover-Up is a natural-looking root touch-up powder that instantly covers grays and grown-out roots, extends highlights, or creates thicker-looking hairlines. This water and sweat-resistant root concealer is a no-mess, “stay put” mineral powder that doesn’t contain dyes, waxes, or parabens.

There are a lot of reasons this root concealer stands out from the competition. It works like magic to efficiently and effectively camouflage root growth or fill in thinning hair, and it’s both instant and precise. Simply load up the small end of the brush with powder, pull dry hair taut, press the brush firmly into the roots at the desired location, and voila!

The seamless coverage looks completely natural, according to reviewers. Plus, the powder isn’t sticky or waxy like sprays, crayons, and mascaras. According to the company, it won’t smudge, fade, or run—and you can even swim in it! This root concealer can be quickly washed out when you shampoo, and one compact can last an entire year depending on your usage.

An Allure “Best of Beauty” award winner for nine straight years, Color Wow Root Cover-Up is available in eight different colors:

  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Dark Blonde
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Platinum
  • Red

With thousands of reviews on Amazon singing its praises, it seems clear that Color Wow Root Cover-Up is a product that delivers on its promises. Just look at what these happy customers had to say.

“Wow is right. I’ve tried several root touch-up products and this one is definitely my favorite. It goes on easily, it stays well, and it looks natural. It doesn’t leave a stiff or sticky residue…very pleased with this root concealer,” one reviewer wrote.

“Applying it is super easy. It covers the gray beautifully…It doesn’t smudge all over everything else. It’s a great, quick cheat for covering up gray in a hurry (and temporarily),” another shared.

“Wonderful product. Does not irritate my sensitive scalp. Is great to camouflage thinning hairline where you see [the] scalp,” noted another.

Color Wow Root Cover-Up is already at a good price point. But, it’s on sale for a limited time and would be a fantastic buy during Amazon’s Early Access Prime Sale on October 11 and 12.

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