Scalp Foundation Could Be The Instant Fix For Your Thinning Hair Woes


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Hair loss affects many women, especially in midlife and beyond. While there are many wonderful products on the market to help with hair growth, they take way too long to see results. When thinning hair is affecting your daily life, you need results NOW—not a year from now!

What can be done about this extremely common problem? As it turns out, hair concealer/scalp foundation could be a quick solution. Allow me to explain.

What Is Scalp Foundation?

What I’m about to tell you might sound a little nuts. But if you stick with me, I promise this will make perfect sense. Scalp foundation is essentially makeup for your hair, and it’s a growing product category that is gaining some serious momentum.

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Scalp foundation—aka hair concealer or scalp concealer—is a temporary topical product that will instantly give you the look of fuller, thicker hair with the stroke of a brush or a quick spritz. Some scalp foundations even conceal gray hair at the same time!

Think of scalp foundation the same way you would think about traditional face foundation. Essentially, you use it to create a more even-looking base. But with the scalp version, the ultimate goal is to create uniformity for the look of thicker and fuller hair.

No matter what is causing your hair thinning or hair loss—alopecia, pregnancy, breastfeeding, COVID, etc…—a scalp foundation will immediately give you the look of thicker, fuller hair.

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This temporary fix for thinning hair can be used on common areas like the part line, the crown, and along a receding hairline. Some concealers will last for one or two shampoos. But, many will rinse out the next time you wash your hair. So, which scalp foundations should you try? Here are our top picks:

The Can’t Stop Me Now Scalp Foundation from ME Cosmetics will instantly give the appearance of more abundant hair and even out your hairline for an extra boost of confidence. You can also use this dermatologist-tested formula to cover your roots between color appointments, and to fill your brows!

Available in six different shades—Black Brown, Medium Brown, Auburn, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, and Pure White—this product is infused with 10 clean, active hair- and skin-loving ingredients. 

We really love the Can’t Stop Me Now Scalp Foundation because it is both water and sweat-resistant, which gives it tremendous staying power. Plus, it’s easy to apply and comfortable to wear, it blends effortlessly into the skin, and it easily washes out with shampoo. 

Literally, 99% of users say that this product improves their overall self-confidence, and 100% said it “effectively conceals thinning hair.”

If you have thinning hair—or even fine hair—TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers will instantly deliver results that you can see in the mirror. Made with a natural, colored Keratin protein that is statically charged, TOPPIK gives you a completely natural look when using it because the fibers intertwine with your existing hair.

This product is made for all hair types and textures, it doubles as a root concealer between hair colorings, and it’s available in nine different colors—black, auburn, dark brown, gray, light blonde, light brown, medium blonde, medium brown, and white. 

All you have to do is dry and style as usual, shake or spray TOPPIK into the thinning area, and pat the hair to disperse the fibers. Voila! It all stays in place until your next shampoo.

BOLDIFY Hairline Powder will give you instant coverage and an all-natural look that won’t wear off for two days thanks to the “48-hour staying power.” This scalp foundation will leave your pores feeling clean and clear. And, it won’t stain, damage, or leak on your hands or clothing.

Using this product takes just three easy steps: remove the applicator buff from the base, dab a small amount of powder onto the buff, and apply evenly to the scalp and hairline where you need coverage. That’s it, that’s all!

This easy-to-use BOLDIFY powder is available in nine different colors, and it comes tucked neatly into a compact case. It goes on fast, stays on strong, and only comes off with shampoo.

Create the look of fuller, thicker hair instantly with Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-In. Combat thin hair simply by filling color in and eliminating the shiny spots that expose your scalp. 

You’ll get the appearance of a full head of hair by matching your color for the perfect blend—and it won’t come off on your pillow or your clothes. 

The Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-In comes with a custom brush that is designed for even application. And, you can stretch out the time between salon appointments because it’s absolutely great for root touch-ups.

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