Selena Gomez’s Struggles With Depression Are Relatable To Many


Selena Gomez is opening up about her mental health in her new documentary, My Mind & Me. In the film, the actress takes us along on her mental health journey. Turns out, it’s one that is completely relatable for many people. As the singer shares the path she’s on, she reflects on how she is able to make peace with her mental health disorder.

‘I Understand What You Walked Through’

In a recent interview on The Jay Shetty Podcast, Gomez talked about her new documentary. She also shared a different side of herself.

Instead of being composed, the actress showed a side that’s “really not that put together.” In fact, Gomez is very intentional about displaying her full self to the world.

“I think I really ultimately wanted people to realize that I’m really not that put together,” admitted the actress. “I can be. And I feel much better now. But I don’t want people to ever look at me and think ‘She has it all. And she’s figured it out, and she is perfect.””

“I just want to be someone that people can genuinely walk up to and say, ‘Hey, I understand what you walked through. I did too.’”

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Being able to relate to the public is incredibly important to the actress. However, Gomez has often felt the pressure to be perfect, even though she knows perfectionism is unattainable.

“I felt like I had to be [perfect] when I was, you know, when I was going through relationships, I felt like I had to be a certain way. That’s why in 2016, I was talking about my body and talking about my appearance and talking about how, ‘Oh, everyone’s going to see me as this Disney kid. No one’s gonna take me seriously.’ All of those moments. That’s kind of where, yeah, that’s where all the confusion came from for me,” she said.

‘I Have Bipolar’

Gomez also opens up about her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. “My favorite thing I say in the documentary,” according to the actress, “‘I have bipolar.’ I learned how to live with it, and I just have made it my friend.”

The actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2019. As part of her treatment plan, she is a staunch supporter of both therapy and taking prescribed medication.

However, determining what works for her and what doesn’t has taken time. As she admitted, “I go to therapy. I also take medication that I fully am on and believe in wholeheartedly. And it helps me stay balanced. But I still have to deal with it.”

By sharing her journey with her fans, Gomez hopes that others will embrace their imperfections. She also wants to spread the word that regardless of what you experience in life, you can heal.

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“I always say that there’s blessing in the breaking. And every moment that you encounter in your life, even if it’s just road rage, it’s as simple as that to maybe losing someone that you love,” said Gomez.

“There is no perfect way to heal. There’s no perfect way of dealing with something. It’s more just, ‘How am I going to be a better person?’”

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