September 25-October 1 Horoscope: Time To Lay Low

This week, the name of the game is rest. With so many planets in retrograde coinciding with a dark Moon, now is not the time to make big decisions, changes, or fights. Everyone is a little more sensitive and on edge this week. Give others grace as they deal with this cosmic shift, and allow yourself to receive the same. 

The dark Moon switches places with Mercury retrograde early in the week, swinging from the 12th House of Self-Undoing to the 1st House of Self. As tempting as it might be to jump into new projects that might arise, this is a time for observing, processing, and learning. If you move ahead too quickly, you might miss out on critical information. 

How will your sign fare this week?

Be wary of assuming other people can read your intentions, Aries. While those close to you might be able to guess your thoughts, newer relationships are not as capable. These novel connections are more sensitive and require vulnerable, sustained communication, even when inconvenient. 

You don’t have to change your entire approach, necessarily. But following up with those around you about your plans, feelings, and intentions is a crucial exercise. No one is too good for relationship maintenance—not even you.

When you’re deep in crisis mode, brainstorming can seem like a moot point. Instead, it’s natural to focus on only troubleshooting—what’s the problem, and how can I solve it? The universe offers such an opportunity early this week. Try to maintain your composure, and think outside the box for potential solutions. 

Moreover, try to take the occasional break to assess what you might learn from this experience. What larger problems has this setback revealed? Figuring this out will help you avoid it again in the future.

You focus so intently on whether those around you like you that you internalize every miscommunication and mixup. But this type of egotistical, self-deprecating perspective isn’t helping anyone. It doesn’t bring you any closer to solving the root issue; in fact, it limits your ability to do so. 

The stars urge you to nip any passive communication in the bud this week. In a time rife with retrogrades and internal conflicts, the last thing anyone wants to do is decipher doublespeak. Speak your mind clearly and thoughtfully.

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Our culture is obsessed with being on the go, but you prefer a slower pace. Despite what society might lead you to believe, there’s nothing wrong with your approach. In fact, the stars recommend sticking to it throughout the next week. 

Try to resist the urge to overexert or overextend yourself. Give yourself some extra time on any projects or commitments that aren’t time sensitive, and be mindful of your environment’s effect on your emotional state. Relish in this period of rest while you have it.

Past pain can lead us to a difficult fork in the road. Do we use that hurt as motivation to prevent others from feeling the same way? Or do we use it as justification for our inaction? After all, if you had to deal with it, why shouldn’t they?

The stars suggest you adopt a different perspective this week, Leo. You’re entitled to pick whichever path you prefer, but deep down, you know which is the more productive route to take. Elevating others won’t diminish your own glow—you can have both.

Some people can roll with the punches with little effort; you are…not one of those people. And why should you be? You are a keen and thoughtful planner. As such, you invest tremendous energy and time into preparing for any possible scenario. 

But unfortunately, Virgo, the universe has no intentions of following your schedule. The sooner you stop trying to control everything, the less stressed you will feel. When was the last time you let someone else lead the way? You’re long overdue for a break.

A minor setback won’t derail your life completely. However, if you continue to ruminate on it long after the moment has passed, it very well might. It isn’t the event but how we respond to the event that alters the course of our journeys. 

Thus, it’s crucial that you take some time to fully process your situation. Don’t bury down your feelings or concerns to keep the peace. The only way past this roadblock is to face it head-on. Then, you’ll realize it was far smaller than you thought.

Ignoring your emotions won’t make them go away. And despite what your insecurities might be telling you, your feelings are worth paying attention to. You are worth paying attention to—so, why do you insist on hiding in the shadows?

Is it because coming into the light poses the risk of people still not fully seeing you? Newsflash, Scorpio: they don’t see you now, either. What difference would it make if you tried something new? Best case scenario: you achieve deeper, more fulfilling connections. Worst case scenario: your situation stays the same.

The path you’re trying to sprint down is not yet completed, Sag. Not everything in life can be rushed—usually, the best things in life aren’t. As tempting as it might be to push ahead anyway, doing so has potential ramifications. 

Namely, you might make an unwise decision based on incomplete information. Then, you’ll waste even more time having to backtrack over your mistakes. (You know what happens when you assume.) The stars suggest you stay put for now; there will be plenty of time for running soon enough.

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There’s a reason why so many people turn to you for guidance and support. You are intuitive, creative, and hard-working. But if you continue to spread yourself too thin, these qualities will start to diminish—if not disappear altogether. 

You can’t keep giving up pieces of yourself you can’t afford to spare. If you do, then you’ll be stuck, incapable of helping anyone, yourself included. Saying ‘no’ might not seem like the most compassionate option, but when it comes to taking care of yourself, it’s one of the kindest things you can do.

The universe has presented an unexpected path to you. Will you choose to explore it? Indeed, it goes against your preconceived notions and values. But what is life if not an excuse to change your mind? And besides, haven’t you always been a trailblazer?

Be wary of getting too comfortable with the familiar, Aquarius. Your curiosity and willingness to try new things make you perceptive, flexible, and creative. Our ability to adapt is like a muscle—if we don’t use it, then we’ll lose it.

While some things benefit from immediate action, not all do. With so many planets in retrograde and unsavory aspects with each other, the stars recommend avoiding any major decision-making. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to go into full autopilot. 

Instead, this is a time for absorbing and storing information. Take note of how your environment—both the physical space and the people within it—make you feel. You’ll know when it’s the right time to actually act on these insights. Until then, adopt the role of the silent observer.

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