Serial Entrepreneur and Daredevil Adventurist – Barry Billcliff

Entrepreneurship is all about focus, commitment, dedication and effort. An entrepreneur is a strong self-believer and doesn’t let anything come in their way to achieve their ambitions. With time, learning and focus they master the art of transforming challenges into opportunities. Every individual especially and entrepreneur has a bumpy journey particularly when they start from scratch. They have to overcome tons of bottlenecks and barriers that block them from making it on top. Individuals who are in pursuit of their ambitions and goals often stay focused on their careers. Most of their efforts, time and commitment are dedicated to their aims. However, individuals with a colourful life, making it big on both professional as well as personal life fronts are nothing short of exceptional. These select individuals are so great at the way they manage work life balance that at times it’s hard to differentiate their career driven goals from personal endeavors. The reason being very simple, that is how big they achieve on both sides of the fence.

There are thousands of millionaires in the United States, however there are only a handful who have a life as multifaceted, interesting and glamorously colorful as that of Barry Billcliff.

The Serial Entrepreneur

Barry James is an American self-made millionaire and a serial entrepreneur. The humble beginnings of his journey started from working as a furniture mover. Gradually with sound investments, savings and timely decisions, he built his way up and made his mark as a successful entrepreneur. He owns, manages and oversees more than 16 business ventures that he has created, acquired or initiated on his own. He is also the president of Local Musicians Union and owns the Bear Cave, the largest bar by selection in New England. He was a founding member of rebels and rockers motorcycle club under Hells angels. He is also the president and founding member of Braap Pack, an off-road club. One of his key achievements is being the youngest artist to have won the gold key award at the Halifax art festival. He had a full ride scholarship to the New England Art Academy and had an exhibition at the Daytona art museum.

The Daredevil Adventurist

He is a former national wrestler, probably not surprising in light of the sheer energy, passion and hunger for achieving more that he possesses. He is also a full credit press associate and daredevil adventurist who has performed and filmed a number of stunts around the globe.

Barry has performed, filmed as well as published a humongous number of daredevil stunts and adventures around the world. He was once chased to the Colosseum by a tour guide dressed as a gladiator. He has climbed the great pyramid of Giza and also broke into a poppy field where he was held up at gunpoint by the Mexican drug cartel. Once, he was chased through the mountains by the LAPD Police after urinating on the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. He has broken into the Sydney opera house disguising as a construction worker. He has scaled a side of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and also broke into the Windsor Castle one evening. He has jumped from rock to rock at the Stonehenge and was eventually chased out. He also scaled and looked out from the lower tower of the Mayan pyramids. There are many more adventures, stunts and voyages he has experienced all around the world.

Barry is one of the few examples we witness where an individual is able to overcome barriers that stop them from living their life to the fullest! Whether it is business or personal life, his life is full of triumphs that usually are next to impossible to achieve within a short period of time.

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