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Day Three Of Retail Re-opening: Settling Into A Pattern

The number of shopping trips to non-food stores on Wednesday 14th April in England & Wales was -2.5% lower than on Tuesday and -28.2% down on Wednesday 17th April 2019.

The regions that continue to see the slowest recovery compared to the corresponding day in 2019 were London (down -35.3%), Yorkshire & Humberside (-33.5%) and Wales (-32.3%).

“After the frantic rush to the shops on the first day of re-opening, the past couple of days have seen numbers settle at a level closer to our expectations, based on the evidence of the last re-opening in December.  The signs are that footfall will stabilise at between 65-70% of 2019 levels over the coming weeks,” explains Dr Tim Denison, head of analytics and insights for retail at Ipsos.


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