Sex Tips For Men: Lust Cinema Sexologists Answer Your Questions


Sex tips for men. It’s one of the most oft-searched queries, yet seldom do any of the answers actually address the root of the issue: unrealistic expectations and a lack of accessible porn featuring real bodies. 

What might those expectations be? 

Well, for starters, sex itself – such as sex can be beyond penetration, foreplay, communication, boundaries, sexy consent – and of course, the human body – penis size, shape, time of ejaculation, mutual orgasm, the female body, etc…

In order to better understand how misconceptions regarding normal sex and bodies affect our sexual health, we must consider how common the fundamental misunderstanding on how intimacy and one’s own body are connected is. And while sexual interest and exploration are a wonderful thing, it can be harmful to one’s own sex life and sexual self esteem if the porn they watch gives them unrealistic expectations of their own body and their experiences with their partner. 

What’s sexy is realistic, achievable scenarios and celebrating our bodies – and we aren’t the only ones who think so. There’s been a paradigm shift in the erotic film industry that has put the highlight on creators that celebrate the incredible erotism of every day men and women coming – and cumming – together. Porn that not only gets you off, but makes you feel sexy, accepted and a better lover for having watched it is a gift that just keeps on giving! 

Where can you find such titillating videos? 

On Lust Cinema! Lust Cinema is the best place to go for not only orgasms, but sex tips for men, sex therapy for couples (including sex therapy exercise to do at home) and It’s not just a one click stop, but rather a valuable resource that’ll have you embracing your body and being a better lover because of it. 

Created by award-winning, adult filmmaker Erika Lust, Lust Cinema hosts the best realistic porn, made from people just like you all around the world. Putting an emphasis on sex tips for men, sex therapy techniques, sexual happiness for couples and the whole-body wellness of viewers, Lust Cinema has earned the respect and admiration of an incredible amount of those in the adult industry which has led the website to proudly boast one of the most extensive catalogs of realistic, body-positive porn videos we’ve ever seen.  

“The communication between our performers before the shooting is essential, the energy and connection between our performers is real, this makes the scenes relatable for everyone,” explains Erika Lust. “Our movies represent a wide range of human body shapes, identities, and sexualities that are focused on the eroticism of human sexuality and relationships.”

Each of their films are supervised from pre-production to post by their in-house sexologist and intimacy coordinator, to ensure that you leave each viewing experience with not only the endorphins of a good orgasm, but with an arsenal of approachable sex tips for men that’ll have you loving yourself and your own erotic experiences even more. Ethical porn like the videos found on Lust Cinema ensures that our consumption of porn is healthy for both ourselves and our partner, as well as the adult creators themselves. 

You see, we should consume porn as we consume food in that we should be responsible consumers and support the people that create the entertainment we enjoy. There are many reasons why adult content is behind a paywall. Sex work is a real job, and performers deserve to be paid fairly. By paying for your Lust Cinema porn you are contributing to their livelihoods and their ability to do their job properly. You are helping independent productions to keep on creating quality adult movies and fair working conditions for everyone who is involved.

“We adapt the scripts to a realistic experience that causes enjoyment, and helps to improve your sexual life, both knowing yourself and with your partner,” agrees Erika Lust. 

They achieve this by being one of the only adult websites that puts a focus on porn as a tool to create a healthy relationship with porn, sex, oneself, their partners, bodies and more. Beyond sex tips for men, Lust Cinema is an adult website that has pleasure and education for everyone. 

What’s a sexologist?

Good question. Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality and sexual behavior. A sexologist studies sexology, and uses their expertise to encourage sexual growth and health by identifying common sexual issues –  such as sex tips for men, as well as issues of desire and mind/body connectivity – and offering advice on how to overcome them to meet a person’s sexual goals. Lust Cinema’s erotic films are embedded with themes of sexual education – using realistic couples and scenarios as a way to exemplify the tools and techniques needed to improve viewer’s own sexual health. For those looking for sex tips for men, Lust Cinema is an invaluable resource. 

The best sex tips for men move beyond simplistic tips (we would love to never hear about using Ben Gay down there again) and instead address some of the most common bedroom issues for individuals and couples: 

  1. Best Blow Job

With the right mix of technique, practice, and innovation, you can blow your partner into the ultimate heights of ecstasy. 

  1. Kama Sutra (learn new sex positions)

Dive into the ancient art of the Kama Sutra and experience pleasure with your partner like never before


Have you ever been curious about BDSM? You’ve seen it everywhere but don’t know how to incorporate the kinky techniques into your bedroom play.

  1. Foreplay 

Foreplay can be key to sexual satisfaction, so why do so many people rush through it? One of the most popular sex tips for men, a guide to good foreplay is invaluable. 

  1. Sex Tips For Men And Women

Have more questions for Lust Cinema’s sexologists? Visit for a robust and shame-free catalogue of all your sex questions answered. 

Lust Cinema’s sex tips for men aren’t just sexual health related. They also include tips on oral sex for men (for both female and male partners…as well as multiple partners) and how to have rough sex for men (in a safe and mutually pleasurable way). 

We can’t sing the praises of Lust Cinema enough. Watching porn that we not only see ourselves in, but leaves us feeling confident, sexy, seen and equipped with the best sex tips for men is an amazing experience. No more comparing yourself to fake bodies and fake pleasure. No more shame exiting a multitude of tabs. We’re now all about emboldening ourselves through real pleasure and we’re proud of it! We’re so grateful that accessible porn pioneer Erika Lust has opened up a whole new world of self love, and we can’t wait to log on to Lust Cinema again. 

Whether you’re searching for the best sex tips for men or just need a little love, visit Lust Cinema today.

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