Shady Insider Says Pete Davidson Apparently Convinced Kim Kardashian To Have Another Child Before Breakup News Broke


Were Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson talking about having a baby together before their surprising split? One tabloid claimed Davidson had convinced his girlfriend of nine months to have one more child prior to the breakup. Here’s everything we know about the alleged plans.

Pete Davidson Convinced Kim Kardashian?

According to a recent edition of Us Weekly, Pete Davidson was pressuring Kim Kardashian to have another child. The SNL alum recently told Kevin Hart while appearing on his talk show that he wants to be a dad. “I wanna have a kid. That’s my dream,” he admitted. “I’m so excited for that chapter.”

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But sources say the admission took Kardashian by surprise, as she already has four children. Back in September, prior to meeting Davidson, Kardashian said she had no desire to have more kids. “I have a lot of kids,” she insisted. “I’m done.”

Yet, one tipster claims Davidson changed Kardashian’s mind on the matter. “She’s now willing to go down that road,” the insider spills. “They’ve talked about getting engaged but Pete doesn’t want to stress or rush Kim… She thinks Pete is 100 percent husband material, but they both want to be patient and do things the right way.”

What’s Going On With Kim Kardashian?

And that’s the end of the story. Obviously, the magazine’s insider wasn’t all that inside given that they made no mention of what would’ve been the then-impending breakup. Instead, it concluded that they were in a better spot than ever. When this report originally came out just before the breakup news, we had no reason to take it seriously. Now, it’s just laughable. According to more reliable outlets, Kardashian and Davidson’s busy schedules played a large part in their split—something else we’d expect a genuine insider to be aware of.

We’d never know anything like their personal family planning conversations unless Kardashian or Davidson let people know themselves. Davidson didn’t even say he’s looking to have a baby immediately, just some vague time in the future. From what we can tell, he and Kardashian had what seems like an overall good time together, and there’s no reason to expect babies before breakups in Hollywood.

The Tabloid On Davidson And Kardashian

We’ve learned to take Us Weekly‘s reporting on the former couple with a grain of salt. Last year, the outlet reported Kardashian was upset with Kanye West for confessing to cheating on her in one of his songs. Then the magazine claimed Pete Davidson was abandoning his career on the orders of Kris Jenner. And more recently, the publication alleged Kardashian was dumping Davidson back in June before running this baby story. Clearly, Us Weekly’s coverage of them is dubious at best.


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