Shady Rumor Claims Brad Pitt Supposedly Gave Up On Dating Jennifer Aniston After Rumored Reunion


Is Brad Pitt finally giving up the dream of dating Jennifer Aniston? One report says The Devil’s Own star doesn’t think they can ever make it work after a recent reunion. Tabloids remain obsessed with Pitt and Aniston dating, yet there never seems to be any proof to back their stories up. Let’s examine this one to see if it’s to be believed.

‘A Fresh Start’ For Brad Pitt

Per Us Weekly, Pitt is relishing the reboot of his life. As his divorce is ongoing, he’s apparently starting to think it may be time to get serious. A source says, “He really wants to settle down with the right partner.” He’d supposedly like to date a creative person who loves privacy, given that his last relationship with model Nicole Poturalski ended under too much media scrutiny.

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Until recently, Pitt apparently thought he and Aniston would end up together. That all changed after a quiet reunion, a source explains, saying that Pitt accepts he and Aniston are better off as friends: “He feels the ship has sailed.” For now, he’s content to just relax and enjoy his downtime all while looking for love.

What’s Really Going On With Pitt And Aniston

For the millionth time: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not dating. Any allusions to a rumored reunion are entirely false. The ship sailed when he started dating Jolie in 2005, and it hasn’t been spotted in port since. There’s no valid reason to mention Aniston in any Pitt article surrounding his current love life. It’s genuinely maddening how tabloids are incapable of finding a new combination of people to print bogus junk about.

Further proof that this article is full of it comes in a small blurb about Alia Shawkat. The outlet places her in a rundown of Pitt’s girlfriends, quoting a source saying, “They insist it was nothing romantic.” Then why mention her? Shawkat has dispelled this rumor personally. They never dated, and it’s willfully misleading to put her alongside the likes of Aniston and Jolie.

The rest of this story is about as generic as it gets. Us wants to gift Pitt a fresh start just because he’s been happy on the Bullet Train press tour. While we don’t begrudge Pitt his happiness, the simple fact remains that he’s still in court with Jolie and will be for a long time to come.

Endless Tall Tales

This tabloid recently announced Pitt was in hiding to avoid Jolie. He’s literally on an international press tour now, so that was just silly. Last year, Us called Pitt and Aniston friends with benefits. Nope. They’re just friends. We also busted its article announcing Pitt and Aniston’s secret meetings. In a word, this outlet is pathetic. Aniston and Pitt ceased being a thing in the Bush years. Move on.


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