Shady Source Claims Miranda Lambert’s Husband Apparently Fed Up With Begging Her For Spending Money

Is Miranda Lambert sick of being her husband’s bank account? One tabloid claims Brendan McLoughlin is short on cash, and is turning to his wife for help. Here’s what we know about the couple’s alleged financial hiccup.

Miranda Lambert In ‘Money Battle’ With Husband?

The latest edition of Star reports Miranda Lambert doesn’t like having to shell out money for her husband Brendan McLoughlin. The former NYPD officer left the force back in 2020 to focus on providing security for his new wife. But sources say his lack of a steady paycheck is starting to weigh on their marriage.

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“He doesn’t have much income coming in, if any, and is forced to go to her if he needs anything like new clothes or a six-pack of beer,” the tipster spills. “It’s awkward, especially when it happens in front of their friends.”

But sources say McLoughlin has suggested another option. Since he works on her security detail, he’s apparently suggested just putting him on the payroll and giving him a proper salary. “Giving him a salary like she does her roadies would solve the issues,” the insider remarks. “But she hasn’t said yes or no and it’s driving Brendan crazy.”

Brendan McLoughlin Begging For Money?

This outlet’s source has been busy. We recognize the tipster’s testimony about McLoughlin almost verbatim from a similar story published in the National Enquirer. But just like that report, this one fails to make a convincing case. First of all, we seriously doubt the magazine would actually have any way of knowing what McLoughlin’s financial situation is, let alone how he personally feels about it. That kind of insight is just too much of a stretch for us when it’s being shared by an anonymous, unvetted tipster.

Furthermore, the actual meat of the story seems just as unlikely. We simply have a hard time believing McLoughlin has been scraping by for two years, begging Lambert for beer and clothes money. If that was the case, surely they would have had this conversation sooner. Honestly, we don’t see McLoughlin giving up his position in the NYPD without having a plan for how he and Lambert would handle their finances. If we didn’t know any better, we’d believe the magazine was talking about teenagers, not adults.

The Tabloid On Miranda Lambert

And finally, it’s Star‘s past reporting on the couple that makes this story impossible to believe. Back in 2019, the outlet claimed Lambert and McLoughlin were divorcing just a few months after tying the knot. Then the magazine alleged the couple’s marriage was in crisis. And then the rag asserted that Lambert was putting off starting a family with McLoughlin to focus on her career. Clearly, Star is the last place we’d expect to find any genuine updates on the country singer.

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