Shady Source Says Catherine Zeta-Jones Supposedly Demanded Michael Douglas Retire Over Health Fears, Apparently Seen Looking Unhappy

Are Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones going to last? One report says the two were spotted looking serious as could be because of Douglas’ ailing health. Let’s look into this rumor and see if there’s anything to it.

‘The Holiday Is Over’

According to New Idea, Zeta-Jones is ordering Douglas to stop acting at once for the sake of his health. The two were spotted at Cannes recently looking unhappy. “It was so unlike them,” a source says. “They’re so tactile, which made it even more obvious that they avoiding each other.”

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The conflict apparently stems from Douglas’ refusal to stop. He’s signed on to a new Apple TV+ series and continues to work on the Ant-Man franchise. “It’s a lot for a man who’s battled all kinds of health issues, including tongue cancer,” a long-time family friend reveals. Zeta-Jones isn’t alone in her fear for him, they add. 

When the news came out about Bruce Willis’ aphasia diagnosis, Zeta-Jones supposedly put her foot down. She wants Douglas to focus on his health, but Douglas is refusing. The source concludes, “This latest issue is at a stalemate until he agrees to make his health a priority.”

How Is Michael Douglas Doing?

Would Douglas, a cancer survivor, be taking on so much work if he wasn’t game for it? After his cancer diagnosis in 2010, he made only one cameo appearance until 2013. He understands his body more than New Idea does. Willis’ aphasia diagnosis is tragic on its own, but it has nothing to do with Douglas’ medical history whatsoever.

We’re already giving this story more credit than it deserves. The only evidence backing this story are some photographs of Zeta-Jones and Douglas at a wedding in Cannes, France. New Idea would have you believe it was a dour affair, and its carefully selected photos supposedly serve as proof.

Other photos from the exact same event show Zeta-Jones and Douglas smiling and having a good time. This story is a classic example of a tabloid deliberately choosing photos and willfully ignoring context to craft a bogus story.

Bad History With Catherine Zeta-Jones

When Catherine Zeta-Jones chose to stay home for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, New Idea announced she was divorcing Michael Douglas. That did not come to pass. This tabloid pulled this exact trick with misleading photos in its story about Douglas and Zeta-Jones fighting in Ibiza. This outlet is as lazy as it is bogus.

Everyone seems to think Zeta-Jones will leave Douglas because of their age difference, yet they’ve been married for decades. The two sure seem in it for the long haul, and their happy wedding trip is yet another sign of happiness.

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