Shady Source Says Christopher Meloni’s Wife Apparently Fed Up With His Ego About His Body

Is Christopher Meloni in the dog house with his wife, Sherman Williams? One tabloid claims his nudist tendencies have bothered Williams for some time now. Here’s what we know about the couple’s rumored marriage problems.

‘Meloni Has Too Much Skin In The Game’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Christopher Meloni is testing Sherman Williams’s patience with his love for being nude. Meloni recently stripped down completely for a new Peloton ad. The Law & Order star bared all, but fans of the actor know this isn’t anything new for Meloni. The fitness addict has admitted to his love for working out in the nude, but sources say his wife can’t stand it.

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“Christopher is more comfortable in his own skin. He loves to flaunt it and doesn’t understand people’s hang-ups with it,” an insider squeals. “Sherman has tolerated this unconventional behavior a long time, but Christopher’s ego has exploded since his naked GQ cover last summer and it’s pretty funky for everyone else.”

Apparently, friends are urging Williams to get Meloni to tone it down. “If anyone can make Christopher cover up, it’s Sherman,” the tipster notes. “His friends hope it happens before he gives the delivery guy the shock of his life!”

Friends Urging Christopher Meloni To ‘Cover Up’?

To start off, we just want to remind readers that Meloni and Williams have been married for 17 years. She’s well aware of his love for working out in the nude, and has been for some time now. Meloni has even joked that his wife wishes he’d lower the curtains when he’s naked, but that’s the full extent of her complaints as far as we’re aware.

Besides, what kind of friends are gossiping to the tabloids about Meloni and Williams’ marriage? According to the magazine, pals of the couple would rather go to the media with their complaints instead of keeping it a private matter. Since we’re certain no real friends would go behind the couple’s backs like this, we’re left to assume that this “insider” had no real connection to the couple at all.

More Gossip About Celebrity Marriages

Then there’s the matter of the National Enquirer‘s credibility—or lack thereof. The magazine has no problem spreading rumors about famous married couples even if there’s not a shred of evidence to support its tales. Last month, the outlet claimed Cameron Diaz took on a new role to get away from her husband. Then the magazine reported Willie Nelson’s flirting was getting on his wife’s nerves. And then the publication alleged Billy Joel was worrying his wife with his supposed feelings for Christie Brinkley. So, we have a hard time trusting anything the Enquirer says about famous marriages.

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